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18 hours ago

I loved that the trail was an actual trail and no fire road to travel. Beatiful trail and I didn't think it was especially difficult or hard. Definitely not as hard as Low Gap. The markers along the trail were nice but it was hard to locate the "you are here" arrow to track your progress. We started at the north trail head and just stayed right on the outter loop. Ultimately we had to use GPS to determine our location as the sun was setting and we had already passed mile 6 on the fit bit. This entire loop is actually a little over 8 miles!! Still a good trail and I would do it again.

3 days ago

Trail was mostly gravel, I like the more backcountry trails. Once you hit the lake trail and going counter clockwise, I had to traverse the creek, which while shallow, was far. Bummer. The other creek crossings were dry or dry enough to easily pass. At the dam, the lake view is beautiful, but there's only 1 real campsite - which you can reach via car (38.482765,-86.568347 camping spot, 38.482519,-86.569353 parking lot). There was someone posted up there by early afternoon who drove to the site. I was hammock camping so that was fine for me, but if you weren't, there wasn't much flat area to spread out other than the 1 spot.

It's marked as moderately traveled, but on a mid August Saturday and Sunday with a high of 80 low of 60, I only saw 1 other person on the trail, and he was on a horse.

I would do this one again, but definitely recommend a hammock.

Well marked and maintained. Lotsa spider webs on trail when we went, but that's just nature at work. We did just the loop starting from the boat ramp. Beautiful day!

Love this place... but Mother Nature not so much. good workout and lots of different landscapes. Friends and I had been planning a weeklong hiking and canoe trip, hiking here and canoeing blue river.
Taking off work derby week...$$$
Getting packs, fishing equipment and canoe loaded...just time
Starting off in light rain... no problem
Hiking all day in increasing worst weather... no fun
Getting stuck in a tent for 23 hour because of a monsoon... 2nd worst thing ever.
Hiking back out soaking wet and everything double the weight and most of the trails flooded...Bataan Death March
Coming back after drying out camping in the campground and canoeing across Lake Celina spending all day fishing... best week ever!!!

good weekend getaway. a lot of elevation changes but good prep for a nice hike

More rugged than moderate, but short enough to be enjoyable. Very cool cliffs, rock formations, a dry creek bed that has waterfalls with more rain, and riverside beach area. There is even a small primitive campground at the trailhead.

9 days ago

Treeline obscures view of the lake for 95% of the trail. Lots of small gravel in the trail but rain can cause some areas to flood. More than enough hills to get your heart racing, but nothing that will wipe you out. Might be a bit much for beginners. Very limited backcountry camping options, best bet is to bring a hammock.

Took about a half mile in and back of the Whitetail Trail with my 4-year-old and toddler. Beautiful and very green! Also pretty hilly, and a little tough for little ones at times because of fallen trees. They did well, though. We saw LOTS of spiders and spider webs, a deer, and a small frog. They loved it!

12 days ago

There's a cute little fairy door in one of the trees out there. There's also a few lookouts onto the lake. The terrain towards the end was a little difficult. There was some weaving back and forth and a lot of up and down hill. Overall, a pretty good hike. We also saw a lot of butterflies and small roads (and spiders!) It's a relatively private trail. Easy to access but we didn't run into any other people while we were out.

trail running
23 days ago

This is by no means primarily a bike trail, in fact I would rate this has a horse only trail 100%... I did get a great workout, the hills are plenty, but there is no fun, or excitement to be had!!! I did not enjoy this trail on a bike, but I won't rate it badly, I can see on a horse this would be a great ride... however on a bike avoid this trail, if you're in the area I suggest Buffalo Trace trail at French Lick

1 month ago