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1 day ago

German Ridge North Loop: Trail was clearly defined and well marked with maps/signs along the way. Like others said there is a fair amount of horse manure and a lot of deer ticks. This part of German Ridge has few rock formations, none of which are impressive, and does run parallel to a paved road, which is visible in summer times and we saw/heard at least one car. The trail is for the most part shaded. A fair amount of hills for Indiana and there are a few creeks to cross, which had no/minimal water in them. Muddy areas were easily traversable. A lot of undergrowth and new growth, very consistent with all other southern Indiana forests I’ve been in, with a couple areas of conifers. I was not impressed by this trail. If I go to German Ridge again it will be to the Southern portion.

Lots of gnats and some difficult mud, no wonder we were the only hikers on the trail.

Great trail for hiking. Beautiful scenery and great route.

3 months ago

if rains while on in extremely rough but fun

great trail use tick spray though

washed out
6 months ago

Trail was super torn up by horses making really mucky conditions. Otherwise, nice trail with difficult climbs. (trail running)

Lots of ups and downs so be prepared. Still a great day in the woods.

Quite a few land mines of horse poo, but all in all, good trail. A few soft places were pretty torn up from the horses, but easy to navigate. I wasn’t a huge fan of how much of the trail was so close to the road, but it wasn’t very heavily trafficked. Very well maintained, but not many interesting things to see in my opinion. Overall though, nice day in the woods.

on German Ridge Trail

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

did the north loop. tons of spider webs the entire way, had to walk with sticks in front of us. trails were rough from the horses. probably won't do this one again

Great for a trail run. Soft, good footing and some uphill runs. No super tight twists or turns.

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Went in late March with 3 other friends. We had a blast, beautiful scenery. Trail was very well marked and maintained. Only real con was there weren't really any good camping places except for about 3 or 4 places we saw on the south west side of the trail.

I’ve trail nut like Hoosier forest other trails watch for the year horse poo. A lot of it when I went

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Good fairly easy mountain biking trail. Had been mowed not too long ago.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Late August 2017 (17 mile hike) Pros: - Plenty of parking - Beautiful scenery - Moderate trail. You'll get a workout, but the trail won't kill you. - Well marked trail, Impossible to get lost. Cons: - Lots of horse poop - Lots of spiders and spider webs. I had to hike while holding a stick out because of all the spiders and their webs.

horseback riding
Monday, June 19, 2017

So sad that it has been logged. i imagine it was much nicer at some point

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

You'll be in the woods and hills of southern Indiana so be smart, wear good shoes, a hat and don't forget drinking water and tick spray! beautiful, quiet Trail, tons of butterflies! And the caves are hidden gems!

Monday, June 20, 2016

I'm only leaving this review because my son just did a boyscout trip to this trail system. He came home with over 30 ticks on himself with 20 or so under his shorts area just a heads up.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The trail is in great condition, for the the most part. My only reservation would be the few areas that have been completely blown out from horse traffic. However, I believe this to be in large part do to the timing of my most recent visit, right at the end of winter. I suspect this will improve as warmer weather comes and dries things up a bit. Otherwise, a few downed trees across the trail will likely be taken care of in due time. As far as trash goes, there really wasn’t any. This is a great trail and I especially recommend it for beginning backpackers who are looking to get some miles under their feet. It makes for a fantastic overnight excursion. While the trail is constantly up and down hill, it is mostly very gradual with an occasional steep climb or descent. Instead of up and over all the ridges, it winds and twists through the forest, along and around them, making for a very pleasant hike. For a more thorough and detailed review, check out: https://redtrailedhawk.wordpress.com/2016/03/08/trail-review-german-ridge-trail/

Friday, September 25, 2015

I backpacked the German Ridge Trail for the first time in September 2015. As a backpacker, I really loved this trail and am glad that I did it. It was well-marked, easy to follow, scenic, and in very good condition. The hills are steep and long, but the trail is located so as to follow the easiest possible route on the way up. I avoided this trail for many years because I assumed it was in poor condition due to horse traffic. I could not have been more wrong. Turning to the issue of water, it has been dry for the last month and there was virtually no water on the trail. All I found was two puddles where I used my filter. I did not cache water but wish that I had done so. I walked at a leisurely pace and my trip took two days and one night. I will definitely backpack this trail again.

Monday, August 04, 2014

I backpacked the entire 20 mile loop in early august and didn't know what to expect because there's not a lot of reviews. I stashed water at the north end at carter bottoms trail head. Then drove to the main entrance at the south end and began the hike going clock wise. The trail was in good shape and is the best I've seen for having been used heavily by horses. I didn't get my feet wet the whole trip . There were surprisingly no ticks out either. I started the hike at 8am and was done by 630pm. There was plenty of water and there was a couple good places to camp by the creeks but I did not see any sign of people camping here.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Hiked the top loop of the ladder-style trail on July 3, 2014. This section is very easy hiking with a few uphill areas that might be considered moderate, but that would be a stretch. The trail is marked very well, with periodic signage showing a map of the trail, and at what location along the trail you are located. It would be pretty difficult to get lost. There were also plenty of paper maps at the Carter Bottom trail head, where there's a large parking area. There are lots of areas where the trail is difficult to maneuver due to horse hoof damage, but that's to be expected of this multiple-use trail. There also didn't seem to have been any trail maintenance performed recently as the weeds were high and wildflowers growing in the center of the trail. I expect this is a sparsely-populated trail, at least after a mile or two in. After hiking about two miles there were suddenly many, many huge cobwebs spun across the trail with lots of critters caught in them, so no one had been here, lately. There's one area at the beginning of this trail (and end, if you're just hiking a loop) that is a mowed meadow and the trail runs along the tree line. That area had just been mowed and was easy to follow. But there are no signs along that path so, if the grass is high, it may be hard to follow. There are lots and lots of (more than I have ever seen, hiking) ticks. The tiny ticks and the big ticks. I'm not exaggerating. They are everywhere. I'll probably only hike this trail in the winter, from now on, but I'll absolutely hike the rest of it.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

This is a fairly strenuous hike,especially beginning at the trail head. Make sure to bring plenty of bug and insect repellant. I really enjoy the scenery and the flora and fauna that was found along the trail. A few places along the trail to camp as well.

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