Fort Harrison State Park is a state park for many seasons for many reasons. Patrons may enjoy visiting the park all year round, especially in winter since Fort Harrison features the Sledding Hill, one of the biggest in this area. Spring is the season to walk with the woodland wildflowers in full bloom across the park. Summer is the perfect time for a canoe trip down Fall Creek, the major water feature that runs through the north side of Fort Harrison. Autumn brings warm, sunny days and breathtaking fall colors to this, the last forested corner left in Marion County. At Fort Harrison, landscape and history blend together at this unique setting on the north-east side of Indianapolis. The 1,700-acre park features walking and jogging trails, picnic sites, fishing access to Fall Creek and two national historic districts. The former Citizen's Military Training Camp is preserved around the park office in what was once known as Camp Glenn. Visitors may also want to stop at the park's Museum of 20th Century Warfare to view exhibits about the lives and history of the soldiers who once marched the grounds of old Fort Harrison. An oasis of green in an urban landscape, Fort Harrison State Park is one of the hidden gems to be found in the state, just minutes from home for many visitors needing contact with nature.

Moderately easy trail, good for getting out and close to the city. Some areas can get muddy so don’t bring your new kicks.

trail running
14 days ago

Great running trail. Super easy for a beginner runner. The trail does a lot of dips and small hills, but nothing too difficult. Very muddy because of rain in January and heavy foot traffic. Trail was pretty crowded on a Saturday afternoon and I could hear the cars on interstate for most of the trail too. But overall, really fun!

I agree I would not call this trail moderate. It should be easy. One hill with steps doesn’t qualify it as moderate for me. I like being “off road”

Nice hike but a lot of it was on asphalt which was a downer. I liked the woods portion.

For Indianapolis I give it a five star. Great for biking, walking or running. For a beginner biker I’ve taken a few brutal spills but this time of year (Nov) it is a great running trail due to less traffic. Doesn’t hurt that it’s also like 10 min from home. Only 20 min drive from downtown on a weekend.

First time in Fort Harrison. First time using this app. Enjoyed both. Chipmunks and squirrels and deer, oh my!

One of my fave hikes in the state park. Not generally very busy and a nice place to go on a hike to escape the city life for a bit.

4 months ago

This is my favorite trail in this state park. You go thru a variety of terrain, including meadows, along creeks, and through winding hills.

I don’t love that bikes are allowed on this trail but it’s best to go the opposite direction of them so you can see them coming head on, rather than being surprised from behind.

As with many trails in this park, you can hear traffic and see the roads. This one isn’t horrible as you’re mostly hearing traffic inside the park, but it’s not the best sound to hear when you’re in nature.

Other than that, it’s my new favorite trail that’s close to downtown Indy.

A nice, 4.5 mile hike to get out of the city and get back into nature.

Reasons I don’t love this trail:
- it’s windy and very back-and-forth so during much of the trail, you see where you’re going and that just isn’t a fun feature for me;
- during some of the hike you can hear the car traffic on 465 and surrounding streets and it takes away from the experience of being in nature.

4 months ago

Very nice trail to hike. Well maintained. Would be slick with moisture due to packed dirt by the bikes.
Was passed by some bikers and runners but the trail is a mostly open with good visibility.

Less technical than the Town Run Trail Park but also more open and the trail a little wider. On the Town Run, you really have to watch for bikes.

My husband and I hiked Camp Creek Trail yesterday with our two dogs. We had a great time! we dont care for asphalt trails but aren't quiet ready for a "difficult" trail yet. This trail had some steeper inclines and spots that were pretty narrow with drop offs right on the other side. It deffinitly was great for giving that backcountry feel but still on a dirt path. We only past one other couple and 3 deer.

Easily one of my favorite spots. great trails and photography opportunities. Some trails off the beaten path could be marked a little better.

Walk most everyday. Always see something new.

beautiful park, but the trails are not marked very well

very nice scenery, clean trails as well!

This is my favorite trail at this park. I like the way it meanders and undulates. It’s well maintained and marked. I did miss a turn (my fault) and made an unexpected loop a just over two miles in, but I didn’t mind as appreciated the extra distance.

I’m not certain if mountain bikes are allowed, but I was hit by a mountain biker during my hike. I noticed him as he was approaching from about sixty feet behind me. He shouted “Coming through!” at 30 feet away. I wasted no time jumping off the path, but as he was leaning into a turn, his shoulder clipped my shoulder. He didn’t slow down as he approach me and was going way too fast to make a pass. He shouted “My fault!”, but he didn’t even stop to see if I was ok.

I was so shocked at what just happen I didn’t have the words to say anything as we could see each other across from one of the ravines moments later. He wouldn’t look at me.

I wasn’t hurt, but I was pretty upset about the situation as I almost had my six yo daughter come along with me. She decided to stay back last minute as she’s had come down with a cold. I felt what the cyclist did was very reckless, and I’m thankful my daughter wasn’t there as she might have not made it out of the way.

I’m an avid cyclist, I commuted to work by bike for seven years, and support bicycle advocacy groups. I believe mountain bikers should have a place to ride. However, this cyclist was completely reckless. I’m glad I didn’t run into him back at the parking lot as I sure I would’ve said some choice words (not my character).

I enjoyed this trail, in the middle of the day, in mid July. The tree canopy provided lots of shade. The trail moves up, down, left, and right which kept it interesting. The lack of trail markers and use of different coloured flags took away some enjoyment as I wasn’t always sure of where I was. I helped a group of boys find their way as well. Not a safe idea with sketchy trail markers. Note also, this park doesn’t have garbage cans. Your asked to carry all your garbage out. Enjoy.

6 months ago

Great trail with wonderful, woodsy, views. My pregnant wife and I walked at a relatively slow pace and completed it in an hour and a half.

6 months ago

Such a gorgeous trail, mostly all in the shade. Nostly for mountain bikes but an awesome hike as well, we loved hiking it!

This is a nice meandering trail. Use caution as it’s a MTB trail too. No benches or pic-nick tables on this trail.

Love the terrain and the trail- I was expecting more bikes but no issues. I was trail running and at some point I missed a sign. But it was a nice easy run.

6 months ago

Great trail. Took us approximately 1 hour to complete. Not too busy, but did step off trail to allow bikers to pass by. Would definitely do this trail again to train for trail running.

trail running
6 months ago

This is the long trail in Fort Harrison. Beautiful trail with loads of trees and wildlife. Little slick in spots after the rain but not too bad

7 months ago

Loved it! Very kid friendly!

Nice trail. We got a bit turned around at one point and looped back to somewhere else on the trail. But we were able to take a shortcut back to our car from where we ended up. It was really pretty though. Nice flowers and beautiful trees. Very wooded, easy trail to hike.

Loved it!

8 months ago

Great Hike. Good for dogs. Only thing is to watch out for bikers. I met some speedy bikers along skinnier parts of the trail and they’re traveling pretty fast so just be careful. Also, many bikers don’t yield to you like they’re supposed to. Lastly, it’s not a really well marked trail. There are multiple splits that don’t tell you which way to go, so be wary of that.

Relaxing and surprisingly dry.

10 months ago

Nice little trail. Very windy with moderate elevation changes. Hikers do not believe the title at the park, it is NOT difficult. What makes it difficult is that this is shared with bikers and very few follow the one way/yielding rules. All traffic is to go one way and bikers yield to runners and hikers but they dont. Like always, people are what is wrong with the trail. Would be a good workout for a biker with few obstacles but frequent and sudden elevation changes.

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