5 months ago

Took the green Sulky trail. The first half was good except for the horse poop and muck I had to dodge . The second half was awful though, the trail gradually disappeared. At some point I gave up and decided to back track the way I had come but the trail had several deer paths and I must have gotten off on one of those by mistake . I was lost with no Gps and a map that was vague. I knew if I continued South, I'd eventually come to either the road or the parking lot. I had to climb thru brush and over fallen logs, but eventually found the trail .

1 year ago

I hiked it yesterday, it seems to be in a rebuild stage? It as a mess, around the creek, I was only able to go out a half Mile out and then it became 'unhikeable'

not that bad

2 years ago

Pretty easy hiking. Could get muddy with any recent rain because some of trail takes you right along Deep River. There are some fallen trees across some of the trails but I took my daughters, ages 11 and 7, and we all had a good time. They liked crossing the couple of wooden bridges also. Pretty clean too.