Trail conditions were a little rough, overall a great trip.

Awesome trail! You work your way up the incline for the first half then back down the other side down into the bottoms on the way back. Awesome view from the top when the leaves are off the trees! Make sure when you get to the top you climb the rocks (there's a Side trail but climbing is much more fun). Atop the rocks there's a weather right ammo can with a log to write in and first aid essentials.

I honestly love this trail. It needs some work though.

This trail is a great workout, and has good views when the leaves are down. It doesn't see much traffic, so the trail can be hard to follow at times and the decent from the top can be very slippery. If you add Trail 1 directly across the street, you end up with a 2.5 mile figure 8.

the only thing I can say good about this part of the trail is there was a lot of wild life from stick bugs to snakes and deer. The trail itself was rough bike's and riders have made this trail a mess. Also trail is only marked for horse and bike riders and that's IF you find a trail marker.

The trails aren't managed. The trail markers are missing. The reroutes put you on a gravel one lane road around corners and up and down hills. So my friend and myself had to walk through grass up to our armpits so we ended up walking through tick nest. For those who don't know what this is, momma tick lays about 3000 eggs. the eggs hatch into larva. larva has 6 legs instead of 8 and the size of a tiny freckle. Real easy to miss. well when you have a few hundred on you they are a little easier to spot. My entire body is ate up with bites. My doctor has me on antibiotics and i'm scratching the hell out of my body. If the grass would have been cut and if we didn't have to walk on dangerous roads, i could have been fine but add all issues together and it SUCKED! I will never go back or suggest anyone to go.

This is a beautiful, although overgrown, trail. Pay very close attention to the blazes (white square) since the split from the horse trails is not well marked and the trail has been rerouted in a few places. Gorgeous views near the end and some nice streambeds to explore if there has been recent rain.

Beautiful spring day, minimal bugs and poison ivy. The initial part of trail is now combined with horse trail. New trail head easy to find, but little confused about when to transition from horse trail to knobstone. Saw several riders, horse trail section fairly muddy. Minimal hikers on trail. The last section of hike before next trail head has alot of up and down hills for good work out.

We decided not to hike. We came to the entrance and said $5 if you live in Indiana and $7 if you live in Kentucky.

Easily accessible, clean, and a good workout. The trail is quiet and usually empty. A good trail to let dogs run.

Overgrowth, gravel, horse apples. Repeat.

The trail head has been moved at the south end it is at flower gap road I started at the green horse trail close to the original trailhead. The first 3 miles are rolling hills the next 2 miles are larger hills and more strenuous . Looks like the trail is going to be rerouted just past the 4 mile marker it goes to the left and will end at bartle knob road from bartle knob to highway 160 the trail is closed because of the tornado on March 2 2012. You can check with the Indiana DNR website to see when the trail will be open again.

was the last leg of 19 mile trip, covered 17 miles in a day. was ready to go home. Trail was good just too tired to enjoy this part of it. We started at mile marker 19 off of state road 150. Ended at Deam Lake

I hiked from the Deem Lake new trailhead (see my link) to the Jackson Rd Trailhead and back. The new trailhead was a little confusing to find but once I got on the trail, it was well marked and easy to follow with some nice terrain. Most of the section consisted of mild inclines and decents but there were a few steep ones. I easily maintained a fairly fast pace through most of it. However, the last 1.5 miles near the Jackson Road Trailhead are quite steep and challenging. I saw some nice wildlife and there were some blackberries in a few spots along the trail which made for a nice snack. The main drawback was LOTS of poison ivy along the trail.