All caves, sinkholes, tunnels and mines on DNR properties are closed to provide protection from White-nosed Syndrome, a fungus that is killing bats in large numbers in the Northeastern U.S. and is now spreading west. This includes the old railroad tunnel at Clify Falls. To learn more about WNS, visit Thank you for cooperating with DNR in this effort. Clifty Falls State Park is located near Madison with entrances off state roads 56 and 62. The name Clifty Falls paints a beautiful picture in your mind. Winter and spring hiking shows the falls at their best while the rugged splendor of the creek and canyon offer exciting scenery year-round. In historic Madison tour the Lanier State Historic Site, mansion of frontier banker James F.D. Lanier and enjoy the drive along the beautiful Ohio River. Plan a park visit during one of the community's special events such as the Madison Chautauqua Art Festival or Regatta hydroplane boat race. Note: Due to difficulties with how our 1501 Green Road address is interpreted by major on-line mapping services, customers using this as a destination address are often led to a dead end street. To successfully build a map that will get you to our our gate off of state road 62 please use "2221 Clifty Drive" as your destination address.

Beautiful bedrocks and fossils!

First time visiting this State Park, well maintained, as stated in other reviews, considering the location of the park(Indiana) it's a little Oasis. The Park has Trails listed as 1-9, Id advise locating a map if you are not familiar, the trail heads are well marked and routes are obvious. That is until you start on Trail/Section 2 (River Bottom). I was very disappointed in what little work has been done on this portion in comparison to the rest. You basically wonder along the drainage, crossing back and forth over the creek making your own route. At the least I would really like to see the Park utilize the standard practice of blazing trees to indicate your on the right route. If you are in the Oldham, Henry County areas and looking for a trail Id highly recommend, this trail is listed as Hard, I feel a more accurate rating would be Easy into Moderate, elevation gain in minimal, and 90% of the trails are well maintained with stairs, boardwalks, railings, etc. when ascending and descending.

Indiana has little to offer in the way of actual hiking and this may be yer best bet in the way of actual trails and semi burly terrain. Enjoi the most austere views and cascading water of the falls. Lovely and close to real shit.

Loved this trail!!! Very rugged.

Awesome views not a lot of signage nice cave and outcropping very rugged and slippery

Lots of trails to explore that include several nice waterfalls.

Great trail and area to hike! I would definitely call this a hard trail, especially if you get up into any of the creek beds to view the fall base. Lots of elevation changes and rough terrain. The tunnel is definitely worth it if it is open, but you WILL need light to go through it.

My 18 yr old and I did trail 8 to trail 2 all the way to waterfall and back to trail 8. I would classify it as Hard. We went early and no one else was there and we went to bottom of falls(even though not supposed to). Very good exercise doing the trail 2 creek walk, tons of rock to creek walk.