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Nice hike. Took the kids 9 year old, 5 yr old and 2 year old in a pack. Challenging for the kiddos a little toward the end but overall very good.

Great morning hike with the kids. Plus the playground at the end is an added bonus!

Another nice hike. Uphill coming out of the trail was a decent leg burner. My 4 year olds did well and 6 year old had no problem. Easy access from the campground where we stayed.

Relatively new to hiking and now working to expose my kids who are 6 and 4 to the activity, this trail starts off with a light warm up and then gradually gets a bit more challenging (specifically for my kids). The creek bed and water was a great break as we spent a lot of time resting and having fun. Nice trail.

Hiked trail 7 and 3 (around 3.5 miles) with five kids ages 5-10. Like others mentioned take the paved path down and do the trail counter clockwise. Nice hike through Rose Island, then on to the rest of trail 3 which gets pretty narrow with a drop off to one side, had to slow the pace to watch our youngest. Otherwise not too difficult.

12 days ago

Nice trail, but it is a bit easier to take the paved path down to Rose Island and the trail back as others have mentioned. Watch for some paw paw fruit on the trail back. They are sweet but have a slightly bitter finish.

large hill to go down but it pays off with a piece of history to stroll through at the bottom.

Okay trail. Inside the woods was nice and open. The trail was pretty overgrown in certain spots and there wasn’t much to see.

Same trail today, but added Rose Island. Awesome step into the past. Definitely worth extra to see.

Such an awesome trail when combining 7 and 3. The Rose Island site is incredible, going back in time.

This was a nice 3+mile hike with the Rose Island loop added in. The nice park ranger at the gate warned us to take the paved trail (to the right when you start) down the hill. The last section as you finish up is a slow uphill climb. Much easier than the steep paved path. The trail does get a little narrow in spots once you turn off at the bridge to Rose Island. All in all a nice hike with plenty of good scenery for taking pictures.

Our family of 6 did this hike with the youngest being 3 years old. It was rugged and took us about an hour. Our 3 year old was carried for the last quarter of a mile. There were some interesting rock formations and changes in elevation with a glimpse of 14 mile creek. It definitely feels a bit secluded and all you could hear were the birds chirping in the woods.

Good hike with nice shade and a few views of the Ohio river. Nice breeze and shade for a midday hike! Variety of terrain is nice.

Nice happy hike! Crossed bridge and added Rose Island in middle for fun!

Very cool hike in going clockwise on trail #3 the fun and historic look back at the old resort on Rose island! Hike out on pavement is not to be taken lightly if not in good shape!! Liked the history a lot!

2 months ago

It takes you around Rose Island, an old abandoned theme park.

2 months ago

Good trail with one large decline and then you go back up an equally large incline. Though my only complaint of the tail is that there were three large trees down in pieces so you kind of have climb and squeeze through some parts. Be careful of spiders, recent flood brought them out too.

3 months ago

Down a paved road to Rose Island was very easy. Rose Island was very cool and interesting. Took trail 3 back up to the parking lot and it was ok. Not a lot to look at, you’ll catch a view of the river at the start. The trail is a little overgrown in some areas and the spider webs are insane!! Take a walking stick and knock them down, even with one you’ll still have a face and leg full of the ones you don’t see! (I’m not even kidding when I say insane, we would’ve ran into three huge webs on the trail without the stick). I agree with the other reviewers on taking lots of water!

My wife and I visited this trail at her suggestion, and I’m thankful for that. Wx was toasty but breeze from river coupled with canopy made for a pleasant walk. We saw many six-spotted emerald beetles (amazingly colorful, fluorescent scarabs), several types of butterflies drinking from the numerous blooming wildflowers, and a Doe with her very young fawn. We missed the first left turn (and you will too if they don’t put up a sign) to start the loop- our plan was to counter-clock the path to the bottom and hit rose island from there. Instead, at the bottom we bypassed rose island and clocked the trail all the way back around to rose island again. The paved path back up from rose island is no joke! 2L of water and two granola bars was barely enough for the two of us in the 90f wx, but again we practically made this trail into a four-miler considering we did it 1.5 times and rose island. Can’t wait to do it in October with the kids.

Easy, but a very nice hike and trail!

Hiked July 1, 2018, with a 6 year old and a baby carrier. Tons of spider webs and not much rewarding scenery other than the bluff near Fourteen Mile Creek. The elevation changes near the creek provide a little bit of a challenge but more in terms of footwork and balance rather than endurance.

Easy trail, I recommend the years pass for 50..... you can explore the trails often and visit other Indiana parks.

Easy trail... we did trail 7 and 3, it was beautiful. I am missing my Arizona trails.

Nice summer hike, couple downed trees, TON of spider webs.

Cool gorge. Waterfall was all but dried up. TON of spider webs

Loved the trail, along the creek. TON of spider webs.

loved the scene!!! half way through has the best meditation zone.

An excellent trail for those adventurers seeking a bit of a challenge with excellent scenery.

5 months ago

This park is close to our house so we frequently hike the trails here. Great for our small kids and the dog. Not difficult trails. Most are easy and a few moderate. Clean park.

It's a nice park except for the fact they charge $7.00 for parking. Would've been cool to know that before driving all the way out here.

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