This is lake country and a small boater's paradise. Nine connecting lakes will be the center of your adventures at Chain O'Lakes. Paddle through the chain of serene kettle lakes, hike the 10 miles of forested trails, fish the electric-motors-only lakes, stay overnight in a forested hillside family cabin, or visit the park's old one-room schoolhouse nature center. Other facilities available for visitors to enjoy include a campground, beach and picnic shelters.

This is my favorite place to hike and run. Beautiful every season.

This was without a doubt one of the coolest parks that I have ever been too. The tranquility is off the charts and there is so much to do and see here. I would recommend visiting and look forward to going back myself.

I went and did most of the loop 2 weeks ago when the red buds were in bloom; majestic AF. No other soul was encountered except mother earth in her finest form. Walking around the Lakes made me feel as if i was in a Japan with the pink blooms and still water.

Plenty of trails here. We completed trail 10 to 6 to 1 for just over 5 miles. This time of year traffic is zero, but this trail would be amazing in fall. some stairs on trail 6, but not many.

Many trails for my dog to go crazy over and lovely wildlife crossing our paths.. The markers on a few trails were slightly confusing, but who cares when it's pretty out? Can always use some more exercise

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I usually get a yearly pass. Its a great place to camp, hike, and boat!

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The state park officially declares there are 15 total miles in trails, and my muscles agree. We went two weeks ago & started at the parking lot out by the canoe camp, hiked in on trail 4, did 3, then 10, then road walked up to the schoolhouse and used 8,7&5 to get back to 4. Since the dogs did well with that mileage, we went back this past weekend and hiked all the trails, including loop 9, which is a bit narrow but not that difficult.

Good things to know- bug repellant a must for the lake loops. You can & should avoid the beach if you don't wish to see people (and quite possibly you won't even see another hiker!). Water fountains at beach front & schoolhouse mean you can carry less water. There is parking at various trail heads but you can easily make your own route. If the schoolhouse is open, be sure to peek inside- I loved the artifacts.

All in all, we will definitely be back for hiking because the trails are challenging plus give us the mileage we need! We'd like to go camping here also, but it was at capacity last weekend so we'll definitely try the off season for that!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Another nice spot that is fairly close to Fort Wayne. Trails are nice and hilly. Fall and early spring is best because there are less people.

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Loved the canoe sites!

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Perfect place for the 12 hour Suck event!!