Easy paved trail around Whalon Lake. Actually part of the DuPage River Trail (a large trail system running through this area). This loop is perfect for biking and walking with its wide paved trail with lane markings. The park is dog friendly (even has a park section specific for letting your dogs play). Dogs on leashes are allowed on the trail as well. With the abundance of water and wild flowers/grass in the area there are some bugs but that is to be expected. Just come prepared. No cover. Park has a boat ramp for loading your boat into the lake for fishing and a very nice shore fishing zone. Well maintained.

Paved Trail. Beautiful lake that's reasonably busy, especially on weekends. Boat ramp available. If going for a run, i parked at Hidden lake... it's that offshoot trail to the southeast. A beautiful area to start from, you get to it off Boughton Rd. Has nice bridge across dupage river, then you're onto the loop. Hidden lake should get ya there, or google map hidden oaks or Trout farm park. There all right next to eachother