Wildlife abounds in the Washington County State Recreation Area located four miles south of Nashville in southern Illinois. Visitors will marvel at the sight of rabbit, quail, squirrel, dove, deer and woodcock among the stands of pines, brushy draws and fallow fields. The beautiful Washington County Lake makes this site a special place for relaxing or fishing. Whether boating on its 248 acres, or fishing or hiking its 13-mile shoreline, the lake offers a perfect opportunity for family fun. This natural area has more than 900 acres for hunting, making it a paradise for shotgun or bow and arrow sportsmen. Whether camping, hunting, fishing, boating, hiking or picnicking, you will find Washington County State Recreation Area has what you are looking for.

The hike was a lot of fun and there was a beautiful grove of sunflowers. My friend and I did manage to miss the trail because it starts on the road and then there is a hidden turn off about 4.5 miles into the hike. We ended up walking for probably another 3/4 mile before we realized we were no longer on the trail. On the way back we did find the trail and started to hike it. It was fairly overgrown and we quickly turned back the way we came because we were being eaten by mosquitoes. That being said we had a great time!

We never found the trail in the woods. The map directions don't take you to the trailhead. Disappointing.

I only did the 2 miles through the woods portion of this trail. Unless your into walking the 5 miles of pavement, skip this portion. Hilly and steep in some portions. The trail hasn't been taking care of in awhile and there are quite a few obstructions throughout. We drove the 5 miles of road to get to the wooded trail head portion and if you don't know what you're looking for you could pass it by on the little gravel road you travel down to get there. During high water forget about it though! We parked at the top of the hill that the gravel road comes to before it meets pavement again. The trail is well marked with white arrow type markers high upon the trees. Different species of trees you will find marked also. The trail comes out at The Shady Rest Camping Area and continues back onto the road in the park again. Not a bad little trail and would probably more inviting when things green up again.

Good trail for hiking/walking. Mostly road with about 2 miles of trail through woods.

Thursday, April 10, 2014