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Experience the fun of outdoor adventure at Starved Rock State Park. Whether you enjoy hiking along the nature trails or viewing the many spectacular overlooks along the Illinois River, recreational opportunities abound. From picnicking to fishing to boating, from horseback riding to camping to enjoying winter sports, theres so much to do that youll come back again and again. The backdrop for your activities are 18 canyons formed by glacial meltwater and stream erosion. They slice dramatically through tree-covered, sandstone bluffs for four miles at Starved Rock State Park, which is located along the south side of the Illinois River, one mile south of Utica and midway between the cities of LaSalle-Peru and Ottawa. The park is best known for its fascinating rock formations, primarily St. Peter sandstone, laid down in a huge shallow inland sea more than 425 million years ago and later brought to the surface.

6 days ago

Beautiful snowy day so the trail was covered but packed well. Not a lot of hikers on a January Thursday morning. Recommend YakTrax during days like today. Scenery was pleasant. Trail was well kept. Everyone in the group seemed happy with the trail.

beautiful hike, very scenic.

All of Starved Rock is great. This trail shows some of the best in the park. NIce combined trail

One of the best views of the park!

Love it here. So much to do. Take your time and enjoy all of it!

Easy walk. nice views.

Easy walk. nice views.

1 month ago

All the park maps and website info calls this hike Lasalle Canyon. There is no Cave of the Winds at Starved Rock State park.

Cave of the Winds?? I hike at Starved Rock State Park more than 50 times a year. None of us refer to any trail or formation in this place as Cave of the Winds.

I'd recommend this area to everyone. I loved the trail and can't wait to go back.

2 months ago

My first hike while visiting Illinois and I have to say it was a fantastic choice. I hiked in early October and so the temperature was a bit chilly but the right outerwear will combat this. Because of the day and time of the year, there were only two other hikers that I saw, which led to a lot more peace out there. The waterfall still had a good amount of runoff which made the whole trip worth it.

Loved it

Amazing views!

This is a great hike. Lots of different canyons to check out and see. The trail it’s self is easy to follow and there is a map at every intersection. Get ready to walk up stairs. But the views are worth the walk. Go out and enjoy this trail.

Beautiful park, but could use some better signage to direct visitors to the various canyons and bluffs.

Pro tip: St. Louis Canyon has the best waterfall. The actual starved rock is a little anticlimactic.

A great place for a day hike.

Love this trail, my go to place to be. Low traffic, fantastic overlooks.

Completed this Trail PLUS French Canyon! Amazing trails, breathtaking views! Great Date with the Wife! Totally recommend! Wear comfortable hiking boots.

The waterfall here was beautiful and it was neat watching a yoga class finish a little Sunday morning meditation

The waterfall here was amazing and it was neat seeing a yoga class wrapping up a little Sunday morning meditation

Very large and clean visitors center with decent bathrooms and cool T-shirt’s. The separate parking areas further down the trail have porta-potties. Very stunning views worth the hike, but very popular, so heavily trafficked. I’d recommend going earlier to avoid the crowds. The campground has mediocre reviews but I loved it. We showed up in the rain at night and had people offer to help us set up tent. No one partied late it was quiet by 10:00 pm. Campground has restrooms and showers, food shop, pit toilets and water pumps. Shaded, part shade and full sun areas. Each spot has its own pull in with power. The trails were well groomed and marked. A bit of trash...people need to learn to pick up after themselves...good mix of flat, ups and downs, bridges and stairs

Everything is well marked, the sights are incredible, and it’s just the right amount of challenge for beginners to give it a shot. Today was a Wednesday. Got to the park at 8:45 am and had the trail to myself for the first half. By the time I got within a half mile of the visitors center (11:30) the place was getting crowded. Get there early if you can!

I absolutely love hiking here, but the people are absolute slobs. I’ve been going here since I was a kid and I brought my kids there yesterday and they were quite upset about the MASSIVE amount of garbage everywhere. They need to implement some serious litter prevention. Ban all disposable water bottles being the first, I’ve never seen so much trash at a park like this. It’s depressing.

5 months ago

Hiked this trail this morning with my pup. We passed other groups every 5-10 minutes. The hike was scenic and not too strenuous minus the stairs going back up to the trailhead/parking lot. Sad to say that water was not flowing in Lasalle Canyon, but it was still beautiful scenery.

deep, wide canyon with steam crossings, made for a fun hike. plenty of places to wade, read, relax.

I was pleasantly surprised with Starved Rock. It is awesome that all of the trails connect and you can decide what paths to take and loop all over. The canyons were sweet and picturesque.
It was an absolute zoo when we finished at 11am. Totally nuts. Would recommend getting there as early as possible to avoid crowds. We got there at 8am.
Do go hike, it's the best the area has to offer.

5 months ago

Starved Rock is a very popular attraction, so I do recommend arriving early to beat the crowds, allowing you to stay ahead of everyone else during your hike. Ottawa Canyon and Kaskaskia Canyon are further down on the trail, and less popular as most people don’t make it that far. It’s definitely worth it though. The trail to the canyons travels through some varied terrain and if you make it all the way to Kaskaskia Canyon, there is usually a waterfall and a decent pool at the base.

5 months ago

LaSalle Canyon is one of the canyons at Starved Rock that consistently has a waterfall, as water movement can vary largely. I do recommend arriving early to avoid too much of a crowd, especially on the weekends. It is a very popular Canyon at the park. The bridge to Tonty Canyon has been out recently, so access on the return trail is difficult unless you are willing to venture below the bridge.

When you get to the end of the canyon where there’s a pool of water there’s so much more to see.... I went to where the water was filling the pool and climbed up into it to find another canyon and another waterfall and a swimming hole beneath it. (Pictures posted) it was unbelievable.

good trail. well maintained. if you come from the visitors center there are a ton of stairs. slightly less if you park at the lodge.

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