paddle sports
7 months ago

This is wonderful kayaking loop. We put in at the North Shore Channel boat launch in Skokie at Oakton. We paddled North to the Wilmette Locks, right before the Lake Michigan harbor.

There's very little current. The Chicago river is dammed on all sides so the water is still -- and sometimes stagnent. We had really good water quality because we've had lots of rain in the last two weeks.

There's lots of wildlife on this trail. For us, we saw many Great Blue Heron, Black-Crown Night Heron (including several juveniles), turtles, ducks, Kingfisher, woodpecker, and featuring a rare sighting of deer and mink. Really cool.

The waterway is undeveloped on both sides. Very over run with thick trees and ground cover. It is like a mini nature reserve in the middle of a dense urban area.