A hometown hike I should take advantage of more often. 4.5 miles round trip that is primarily an out and back trail with a small loop near the end that stops at the edge of I-70. The trail is along the eastern shore of Highland's Silver Lake between the park and the Interstate. Several little ups and downs as the trail zig-zags in and out of several coves, across bridges and boardwalks. A few small bridges are missing near the far end of the trail. In the past they have been slow to repair bridges and clean up fallen trees, so these can become obstacles. Otherwise, it is a nice, fairly well maintained trail with a decent amount of traffic.

This is a very nice and we'll laid put trail. There are many bridges to cross. Very shady. My dog really enjoyed the hike. It is not a strenuous hike, but very peaceful.

2 months ago

Pretty awesome experience for the family. It was super fun and such beautiful scenery! ❤

It's OK.

We had a great time on the trail on an unusually warm day in January. It took us a little over 2 hours to do the 4 mile loop and my husband and I carried out 1 and 3 year old kids so we stopped a couple times to rest and have snacks. It was a little muddy but not near as muddy as I was expecting. Everyone enjoyed the day.

trail running
10 months ago

Good path with decent scenery. The loop at the end can be a little tricky and muddy, it looks less travelled so I'm guessing most people just turn around on the trail rather than following the loop. I do these with my fairly adventurous 7 year olds and they liked the bridges and a couple scattered obstacles.

Needs a little maintenance, but overall a nice trail.

A beautiful view the whole way. Easy to find and follow. Didn't make it all the way because of a high creek and boards that didn't cut it to get across, but still enjoyed it!

11 months ago

few deadfalls, otherwise in good condition