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We walked a little ways, in October, we did see some birds, but the gravel road was not really the walk we were looking for. Meeting 2 Cottonmouths (water moccasin) snakes in the gravel, scared us, we had 3 dogs with us! So we turned back. Not a good enough walk for us to go back again.

Beautiful trail! I got lost several times as the trail is not marked much if at all, and freshly fallen leaves covered what remains of the trail. Camped in the cave/overhang and really enjoyed the views of the lake. I had company as one of the local dogs came sniffing around and joined me for dinner, then came back in the morning and seriously led me back to my car. Sweet sweet dog, it must belong to one of the locals as it had a bright orange collar on it that said “I live here, Cove hollow.” Definitely will be back, next time with a compass!

Hiked in 1.5 miles from cedar lake trailhead then back. (3 total). Trail was not groomed but still easy to follow. Very wooded. Bugs were not bad. No others hikers or bikers were there on a cool Oct afternoon.

Awesome trail! Great mix on clear path and then forging up and done a trickling streams rock bottom. Rock had steps carved in to it to help with footing but the hike was still challenging. It was a GREAT hike!!

Great workout.

10 days ago

Short hike to a small cave in the bluff. Simple but average.

awesome trail, could use better markings.

This trailhead is a joke. It's an access point for raised power lines and the trail is just a path beaten through the prairie grass beneath them. No tree coverage.

Also, the trailhead marker clearly rates this trail as a moderate to difficult.

Bug spray is a must! South side climb is deceptive, you think you're almost back to the trailhead but you've still half the trail to go. North side climb is much more straight forward, a single slope.

If you're coming from the north, Google will tell you to take 149 and Town Creek Rd to Hickory Ridge Rd, but it's far easier to take 127 to Etherton Rd to Poplar Ridge Rd.

Unless you’re familiar, This trail kinda fades away to nothing.

Challenging! Little easy to get lost but just follow your white marks!

25 days ago

Definitely worth the trip, but hard to find and navigate after finding stoneface. The entrance to the park is not marked and the culvert has been washed away. You can park at the base of the road and walk in to the trail head (~.25mi). The trail leading to the face is clear and marked with blazes, however not well maintained. We continued on what we thought was the correct trail past the power lines, however ended up on Shawnee Rd. (If this happens to you, turn R and follow the gravel road and turn R on stoneface Rd and you’ll return to your car in roughly ~1mile).. I would recommend turning around and following same path down once you reach the power lines. We want to hike the trail again and attempt to find the loop.

If starting at TH at bathrooms, you’ll go UP the rocky draw on the way out. Note, about 1/2 way up turn LEFT to stay on main trail. Straight is steep, not marked and way harder.

1 month ago

Me and my girlfriend are trying to plan a 4 day 3 over night possible trip and I would like to get about 20 to 30 miles with Garden of the Gods included. Does anyone have a good trail to go with?

The terrain type constantly varied throughout the trail, keeping us intrigued and on our toes. We enjoyed the constant change of scenery. It was a bit slippery on some of the rocks of the trail, granted it had recently rained. Overall, great trail!

1 month ago

Nicest part of the wooded trail behind Cape Girardeau’s Conservation center. Trail is newer asphalt and wooden bridges are in good shape. A lot of significant elevation changes for its short distance. Had connector to Cape LaCroix and the rest of the conservation trail. Great cardio workout. The only negative is that the trail is not wheelchair accessible.

A good one in Shawnee, great rock formation!

One of my favorites of Shawnee. Definitely some tricky areas but not too bad if you aren't in a hurry. Beautiful landscape changes.

Loved this trail! We saw many varieties of mushrooms, frogs, insects, butterflies, etc. The only downside was the mosquitos in the lower section, looking forward to an early winter hike to avoid them. it can get slick and you should wear loose/stretchy shorts/pants to maneuver up and down. We did see a lot of people on this trail, it was a weekend day though.

1 month ago

This trail is beautiful, even today when it’s bone dry and no falls. The rock overlooks are magnificent and if you go left when you get to the trail, just past the wooden bridge, you can scramble done the rockslide to get to the trails below. The rocks and formations and trees and butterflies!! Loved every moment!

1 month ago

Amidst the thicket of poison ivy. You’ll become personally acquainted with the local natives of ticks chiggers and spiders. Bring a backpack to haul the gallon of pure Deet needed to keep the mosquitos off, also a towel to sop up the sweat from the heat and humidity.. don’t forget the machete needed to trail-blaze a new path, for the forest is thicker than Vietnam. After wading through the stumps and milfoil you can cool off in Kinkaid lake. Then resume the baton death march back to the parking lot..... on the way home stop by the store to pick up a 6 pack to pay off your hiking partner to grope you for embedded seed ticks.. use a scraper cause more than likely there will be a few hundred on ya....

After this hike I through I’m the towel on exploring new trails in the area.. do your self a favor this summer stay on trails you know.

The hiking communities newest lime disease patient.

mountain biking
1 month ago

What a great easy trail! Don’t expect to get an extreme workout by any means but if you like to recreational ride and enjoy the view with virtually no roads to ever cross, it is spectacular! The trail runs slightly downhill when riding north to south. Obviously, vice versa. Start as you wish, you do not need a map. There are no forks. It is impossible to get lost. Just enjoy the scenery and relax.

one of my all time favorite places to hike.

1 month ago

We've hiked to High Knob from Garden of the Gods, I believe its part of the River to River trail.

mountain biking
1 month ago

We've biked from tunnel hill to Vienna park and back a few times.

Defintely do this one, you can also hike over to Pounds Hollow from this trail.

1 month ago

Camped there with our scout group. Good times!

kids loved this natural wonder. watch for yellow jackets but otherwise a great time.

amazing first experience can't wait to go back

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