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23 hours ago

The trail is a beautiful place, but if you don't know the trail itself it is very easy to get lost. In a couple of case while I was hiking trail #49 I came upon a sign nailed to a tree that said 49, however, I had three options of which way to go. Once I made the wrong guess and we got lost. As I said the trail is great, but the labeling of the trails is horrible.

Enjoyed this trail and as others have said we too ended up in Pounds Hollow! There’s an open area where the very small sign is and we missed it. Not a big deal, we just walked back the same way. But it is an extra half mile each way to pounds hollow. The trail itself is pretty easy with some fairly good elevation changes.

The historical aspect was cool, it's just a bit boring of a trail.

2 days ago

My favorite trail on the eastern side of the Shawnee! Easy hike, save for a lot of steps, and awesome views.

Great place to climb around and awesome views - just prepare for crowds in this part of GOTG.

2 days ago

The view from the top of Stone Face is well worth the climb up!

Absolutely beautiful place. But the trails are not labeled consistently. Extremely easy to get lost, as I did, and ended up making an 8.5 mile hike out of a 4 mile hike.

I hiked this trail today. I did end up at Pounds Hollow, but I saw the sign and kept going. There is a sign. It's short, but it's there. I didn't take the street back. I simply went back the way I came, turned at the little sign and finished the trail back to my car. Really nice area.

Great views. Easy hike. Family friendly day event.

7 days ago

I have hiked this trail twice and both times I ended up on Pounds Hollow Lake Road and had to hike the highway back to Rim Rock. There are no signs telling you which way to go on the trail. If you get to the beach area, you've gone too far. I love the trail, though. Very beautiful and peaceful. But now that I've found this website and have a map, I know where to go and am going to go back and walk the trail the right way!

The climbers, rock formations, railroad walk and scrambling all make for a very interesting hike.

Beautiful autumn hike.