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11 days ago

Trail was fun, but we did almost 4 miles and much of it wasn't the mapped trail here. Very poorly marked, but much more to hike than what's shown here.

4 months ago

Granted, this is the first trail I've hiked on this app, I have to imagine it is pretty hard to beat. between the bird display when you get there, to the suspension bridge, to the old military training bunkers/trenches/generals cabin, this place is hard to beat, and very exhilarating to walk through. Great nature displays, there is a paved path, and dirt trails as well. If you are debating on whether or not to hike this, just do it! lol awesome place!

September 11, 2016. Kayak trip from Baumann Park in Cherry Valley to Seth Atwood Park near Milford. Took about 4 hours. Beautiful and scenic. Fall colors just barely beginning. Water level at Perryville was 5.95 feet at the time. Nice flow and depth to the river. I didn't bottom out at any time. When I solo kayak I have been successful getting an Uber driver to take me back to my car. I have T-mobile and could not get reception at Seth Atwood. Fortunately, some other kayakers gave me ride to Blackhawk park (where they started) and I was able to get an Uber ride back to Baumann (about $7 chrage).

I like this segment better than Belevidere to Cherry Valley. But both segments are awesome. This is a great river. The people who live along and near it take a lot of pride in this river. It is deserved.

9 months ago

Easy trail, with a lot of wildlife.

11 months ago

Love hiking this trail with my family! My son loves bullet hunting and we all love taking pictures here. The trails aren't too long and easy to get to making it perfect for kids. A lot of tree coverage provides plenty of shade on hot days but beware of mosquitoes! Use plenty of bugspray!

on Atwood Park Loop

Friday, May 27, 2016

Great park and a fun hike. The map is incomplete at best though, lacking almost any of the trails at all. Something that is problematic when you're trying to teach your son basic map reading skills

Friday, April 01, 2016

I love this park! So many trails and interesting finds from the old Camp Grant

Saturday, April 07, 2012