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I went on a cold, but sunny day in February. Some spots on the trail were very slick. I wouldn’t say this is an “easy” trail and would not consider this trail kid friendly. (Too many very steep bluff cliffs.) I wanted an easy trail as I am dealing with a pretty sore calf strain. I almost turned around after slipping several times on the fairly steep climb up the bluff the first couple hundred yards. Calf was screaming at me. But I pressed on with my sidekick King. Glad we did. Clearly marked trail. Well maintained. Awesome views! And the second half is downhill! Beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife. Can’t wait to do this in the spring!

Absolutely beautiful, worth the butt kick up! Understand? Its very feasible, just numerous rest points required!!

this should not be rated as easy. over 1000 ft of elevation gain! awesome trail. loved the newman trail section.

course difficulty has now changed to moderate. good call!!

cold and ice covered

My home trail and one of my favorite loops!

Good trail with nice views.

2 months ago

very nice

Article on the hike from my Blog


Beautiful hike, great views at the top and along the bluff, mostly shaded too!

Good Little hidden gem of a trail for the area. Decent little climb considering this area is flatter than a pancake.

6 months ago

Nice walking trail. Saw some butterflies and enjoyed the little signs describing the plants.

Salt Lick Point Trail is amazing! You start off on Johnson Trail and at the end of Johnson is when you meet Salt Lick Point to start up the bluff. The beginning, on Johnson Trail, has amazing bluff and rock formations as you go. Salt Lick Trail does have some steep points going up the bluff, but the views when you get to the top are amazing. I personally wouldn’t recommend children or pets for Salt Lick Point Trail. The abandon building is also pretty awesome as well if you are able to find your way in!! Be careful, 2nd floor is NOT sturdy. I grew up in this tiny town until the Flood of ‘93 and had no idea the trails or building existed!

Great morning hike. The hill that starts at the base of the Johnson trail was it's usual challenge. Great view from the top.

Nice trail! I’ll be back

9 months ago

A very beautiful trail along a stream with wildflowers.

Lots of ups and downs along this trail but the views are amazing. The trail leads to a road that takes you back to the parking lot.

This trail is named salt lick trail loop here, but what is actually shown here appears to be a combination of Johnson trail and one half of the salt lick loop. Newman trail not pictured.

The wild flowers in the Spring are striking against the boulders and wild grasses along the trail. Someone had taken time to label all the flower types. That was especially nice!

There are some really beautiful views from the top of the bluff. The first mile is where ALL of the elevation is, the rest is a really nice wooded walk down. Great trail!

9 months ago

Beautiful wildflowers! Easy and enjoyable trail.

trail running
10 months ago

I have ran this trail twice. What’s nice is Salt Lick trail hooks up on the way back. Has some pretty cool views from the bluffs! Closest trails worth running for me.

This hike blew me away. The ruins, the fields of wildflowers, the steep elevation changes, the incredible overlooks. Wow.

Nice hike. Steep and rocky in places.

My daughter and I just completed this trail. The views were spectacular. We had a good laugh when the trail ended at an underground facility for the Department of Homeland Security. They probably listened to everything we said.

11 months ago

Easy flat trail very family friendly and running friendly. Would suggest doing Salt lick trail of you want to as some adventure and incline on the way back to the parking lot.

Great short trail whole loop was 3 miles which is a little short. Had some great view points. Hardest part is the incline in the first miles. I decided to do the Johnson trail and then when it connected to the Salt Lick Trail I did that again backwards. I recommend it for anyone looking for something different than the flat trails in the area. I would say it’s more moderate than hard. I wish you could go in the mines that would be fun!

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