Sadly, the few really beautiful areas of this trip were overshadowed by the fact we were in less than desirable areas at times, and had more than 1 run in with less than upstanding citizens. I won't be taking this route again, I'm just glad we didn't have the children with us at the time.

The trail itself was nice, however there are many times it intersects with roads. Not ideal for biking. Would have to stop to cross streets as soon as we got up to speed from crossing the last street.

This trail is good for walking, running and biking. It is mostly paved and has some scenic areas. The overview says it is near Oswego and I guess it is, but that is a bit misleading. The trail coming from the west starts in Sugar Grove then goes east through Aurora and ends in Montgomery so I'm not sure where the Oswego label came from.

trail running
2 years ago

It's a basic, paved out-and-back. There are some bumps and bridges. The crossings at Montgomery Road and 25 can be a nightmare as they are uncontrolled. If you are a road racer and need some easy miles, this will work.

road biking
4 years ago