Live Eagle Cam! See a live view of an active Bald Eagle's nest at the visitor center. A pair of eagles has returned to a local nest, where they are currently spending several hours a day. A nature-lover's paradise, this 8,000-acre park is famous for the exceptional beauty of its fall colors and for its bald eagles during the winter. In addition to enjoying the spectacular view of the Illinois River and its backwaters from several points atop the bluffs, visitors can take advantage of a variety of year-round recreational opportunities, including horseback riding, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and boating. Pere Marquette's Visitor Center, opened in October 1997, welcomes you with a three-dimensional map of the park and wealth of other displays and exhibits concerning the Illinois River, wildlife habitat, local history, and geology.

Went this past Saturday when the temps were in the mid 20’s and had the whole place to myself practically - only saw 5 other people all day - if i went again i would hike the other paths counterclockwise to avoid the hills

I love this park it keeps me coming back every year great place to hike I know the trails by heart now I've been there so many times for me just a great place to be it's got some pretty nice of views if I could give anybody advice when you're there I would say go down the yellow Trail so you can play on all the rocks and all the cliff sides as you go back down to the parkinglot.

My favorite hike, but then I might be prejudiced since it's practically in my backyard. The trail as depicted is closer to five miles. To get right under 6 you need to include goatcliff trail.

Nice climb to great view and historic shelter.

Great trail. The heavy woods were beautiful. I was hoping for more scenic vistas of the river valley but there were enough look outs to satisfy me. We will be going back again to see how it changes when the leaves drop.

Fun trail with rocks for the kids to climb. Lots of poison ivy just to the side of the beginning of the paved trail. Good viewing area at the top.

4 months ago

My wife and I took our kids up this trail. We were foolish enough to attempt it with a baby stroller! Many stairs and drop offs along the trail. Very difficult for any children unbalanced. Wife was surprised to see a rat snake laying in the trail in a more wooded area.

The state park here has many options to choose from if you want a shorter hike. I took the trails that ended up being just over 6 miles. There are two inclines that just kicked my butt, mind you it was 115* heat index that day. Overall the trail was challenging and fun. Trail was also marked well.

One thing I wanted others to be aware of is that there are no outdoor fresh water sources or any water along the trails! I took my dog with me, packed over 2L of water and it wasn't nearly enough! My poor dog was dying by the time we reached the end, so I may or may not have let her go swimming in the coy pond. Lol. You can get fresh drinking water inside the visitor center.

easy... explorative... lush

pretty & easy

Saw 2 pretty large snakes on the trail - yikes!

Not moderate....

9 months ago

Challenging incline leads to beautiful lookout!

9 months ago

Challenging incline leads to beautiful lookout!

Beautiful if a bit crowded.

great views. well marked and well kept. went with multiple familes with kids ranging 6 to 9.

This undulating six-mile trek of connected trails was definitely a challenge as a new hiker. I would consider it to be moderate plus. While there wasn't much to see along the hike other than at the lookout, the continuous ups and downs brought great challenges or the trail would have been boring. The signage along the way was by far THE BEST when compared to others I have done!

Great altitude changes and vistas.

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