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Visited this trail on a nice Sunday morning. Trail was nicely marked and cleared. Gave 3 stars because we weren't able to find the rock structures and there were constant gun shots towards where the rocks were so we turned around and left.

6 days ago

It was super sloppy and my first time here but I've hiked all of Shawnee and this has quickly become my favorite area. it was so worth it.

Found a great cave on this trail

2 months ago

Bring your GPS! Very poorly marked and confusing. There are lots of criss crossing trails and some places where you're not sure if you're on a dry river or a trail at all.

3 months ago

For the first two miles my trekking pole was used as a machete to clear the unbelievable amount of spider webs at eye level. This trail used to merge with an equestrian trail, and even though it no longer does, some signage and blazes have not been updated and are very misleading. The trail features amazing rock formations and plenty of other views.

Amazing trail, great rock scrambling!

Awesome outdoor playground. the walls similar to giant city are even better here because there are more caves and passageways to explore and poke into and through.

the only issue was trail was not marked very well (well at least the '371' you have to follow).. just before and to the bluffs, the only sign of trail marking is only markings to the river to river trail.

we only made sense of our bearings only with my gps, which helped me find our way back.

other than that kids had a blast exploring and poking around the caves and slot canyons

Path is not marked very clearly and with the different turns you can take it would be very easy for someone that doesn't know the trail very good to get lost.

Had to turn around due to lack of markings. Path not clear with lots of intersections.

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6 months ago

Good trail up to the primary rock formations. If you go clockwise, the turn off the river to river trail is hard to find. Look for the older style sign on a post. I'd recommend counter-clockwise. It would be easier.

Lots and lots of spider webs. Came home sticky with them even waving a stick.

Back half of the loop is slightly overgrown, but the foot path was clear enough. Guessing most people walk out to the rocks then turn around.

9 months ago

Beautiful rock formations and walk by the creek. Many trails to explore and get lost... App definitely helps (we didn't get lost)

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My girlfriend and I decided on an impromptu hike on a Saturday afternoon in early December. We started at the trail head on Panthers Den Ln at approx. 3 pm. We were able to make it to the den where we found amazing rock formations and passage ways. I've lived in Southern Illinois all my life. These are some of the best and most unique rock formations in our beautiful area. We had to turn around after exploring the panthers den due to lack of daylight, but we will be back soon to continue on.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Got a tour from a friend of mine that works here and it was the most incredible hike and place
Wish I could live here

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Camped here many times love this place!

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