1 month ago

Did this one late fall two yrs ago. It was a bad time to go. Leaves off the trees and bushes left all the abandoned farm equipment to view which really changed the out look of the place, however my girlfriend and I almost stepped on a screech owl about a mile in which was really out of place. he sat and let us take pics, so there were some good points. Trek is good for practice for a longer multiday trip, so pack a backpack heavy enough to get a real feel and have a good trek. There was only one spot that is not really marked so you could get turned around but if you follow the water you shouldn't get lost. Nothing to challenging but the distance.

4 months ago

most trails are unmarked. can be challenging, not for someone who doesn't watch where they walk. the scenic beauty of the trails are worth the try. it isn't all trees like you would think. there is some clearings of clover and just grass. what i could tell of them the trails are twisty and do make you wonder if you back traked a bit.

9 months ago

No markings and zero maintenance done on this trail. No one said it, but I know we were all thinking of which group member we would eat to survive if we ended up stranded. Sorry Jeff...

Sunday, November 06, 2016

I brought my senior dog so I couldn't go more than a couple miles before he got tired, definitely going to come back

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

great for distance hiked it in the winter. Tried to track path but battery didn't allow . lots of wildlife. just about stepped on a screech owl. Moderate trail depending on condition but a little trashy. Lots of rusting wire and farm equipment on the field borders, kinda ruined the scenic view. The view of the lake ,minus the plant barreling smoke out its stack is quite beautiful. Great trail for practicing distance without worry of getting lost.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Great trail with a little distance. Can be muddy after/during rain. Follows contour of the lake. Wide/well maintained trail, open to hiking and horseback riding only. Bikes are not allowed

Sunday, September 02, 2012