1 month ago

This was an awesome trail. Hiked it 2/27. The trail is really easy to follow for the most part. There are a few tricky spots though. I highly recommend picking up the friends of the Shawnee map before hiking this. I took trail 481 to 483 to 457, crossed at the Bowed Tree Crossing and followed trail 001 (River to River trail) to Owl Bluff. After stopping at Owl Bluff, I continued on trail 001. The track on this app does not stay on 001. It looks like they cut through the woods to trail 490. I stayed on 001 until it meets 490. However, trail 490 was very hard to spot from the river to river trail. It’s the only trail intersection I encountered that didn’t have a sign and it kind of looked like an animal trail at first. I passed right by it but I was able to notice so on the map. Once I backtracked a little and found 490, I followed it to 457 and then 486 to Saltpeter Cave. I then followed 481 back to my car. My GPS said it was 9.2 miles with 1000 feet of ascent. It took me about 5 hours so bring water and snacks, but don’t litter! I filled a grocery bag up with trash on my hike. Owl Bluff and Saltpeter Cave were the highlights, but the whole area is filled with beautiful views of Lusk Creek and many ephemeral streams that feed it.