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trail running
2 months ago

Easy run, mostly well paved, flat, scenic and mostly uncrowded. Challenge yourself and swim river and bike the route for a mini triathalon! Bring your kayak or rent one along the way for more fun.

mountain biking
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mountain biking
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6 months ago

Plenty of trail to walk with our dogs. Lots of bridges and has the ability to visit both sides of the river. Gets pretty busy with bikers, walkers and joggers. Stop by the Fabyan Villa Museum and Japanese Garden grounds!

road biking
10 months ago

I think the description of this trail needs updating or a new trail needs to be added. The trail is 43 miles from Oswego to Algonquin. There is a small part that goes through downtown Aurora that is clearly marked with protected bike lanes.

We started in Aurora and headed south to Oswego where we stopped to eat lunch and watch the Bears game. We turned around and went north to Batavia, turned around and went back to our car.

I really liked this trail. There are parts that are natureful and parts that are city and small town. There's a good balance which brought me piece of mind that if something happened we could get help.

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mountain biking
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