Located in southwestern Illinois' Jackson County, Kinkaid Lake is approximately 5 miles north of Murphysboro and 100 miles southeast of St. Louis. Built in 1968, the lake encompasses 2,750 acres. The ownership of the surrounding land is divided among the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, which manages approximately 4,000 acres; the U.S. Forest Service, which administers 5,000 acres; and Kinkaid-Reed's Creek Conservancy District, which oversees 300 acres.

6 months ago

I wasn’t a big fan of this trail. It was not very well marked and if I didn’t have my gps on I most certainly wouldn’t have found my way back. The ticks were horrible here in the spring, the only trail in southern Illinois I ever had a problem with ticks. If you decide to hike this, be sure to protect yourself from ticks and pay attention to your surroundings to not get lost.

Trail need to be marked better and needs maintenance. Multiple time we questioned if we were still on the trail.

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

We trail ride this at least a couple times a year.

on Buttermilk Hill

Saturday, April 09, 2016

I did the Buttermilk Hill to Crisenberry Dam out and back. It was April, no ticks (Yay!) I did an overnight on the trail in my hammock. My biggest complaint, (only complaint really) was the fact i was saying to myself, "I think this is the trail" or "where the * is the trail?!" entirely way to often. A few times I would lose it but it follows the contour of the lake so if you hike it and lose it, just make your way to lake and you might find it.

I recommend this trail but only if you plan to hike it early spring, before vegitation pops up and covers what trail there is to hide, or late autumn.

Get out there! Adventure calls - don't ignore it... thats how you get lazy

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Backpacked this trail back in May of 2014, the area is beautiful the trail just needs some good tlc. The ticks were the worst that I have ever experienced before, all and all a very nice place and I will be returning.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Just did a loop from buttermilk hill trailhead and came back on waterfall trail. The trail is not marked or maintained very well. A couple times the trail just disappeared and I had to search lucky another hiker had made a rock pile (carin) and another time it was just guessing. When I switched from one trail to another it was not marked at all so I was left guessing again. All and all it's a nice area just needs some attention.

Monday, April 22, 2013

This trail doesn't seem to be maintained frequently.....I took my two children ages 12 and 6 for a hike/overnight backpack trip in April 2013. The trail blazes should have be a white diamond with the number 382. After about 100 yards into the trail (we used the buttermilk trailhead) the blazes turned into spray painted white dots on trees located very far apart. Sometimes we had no idea if we were still on the trail. The footpath was not very visible due to leaves and fallen trees. It's a shame this trail don't get more usage.....very beautiful area. Needs to be cleaned up (tornado up-rooted many trees). We made camp and enjoyed an evening filled with a campfire and goodies. The next week a hiker got lost and a search party went out and found him, he was okay, but I believe he was hospitalized. I know from experience how easy "getting lost" can be.....take your compass and tell someone where you will be going if you come to Kincaide Lake Trail.

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