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One of the best places in Illinois to mountain bike

Great trail in about any weather. It takes about an hour or 1.5 hours to do completely. It offers some nice views of the pond, the forest (great in the fall time), and has just about 5 minutes on the asphalt before you veer back into the forest.

1 month ago

A great loop that follows most of the official KRR trail. I changed this so you avoid most of the big hills, creek crossing, and deeper wood areas. That's why I call it 'lite'. I ran this in a little over an hour, but walking would probably take 2.5-3.5 hours for most people. This is a good trail most of the year. Parts of this may be closed on certain days in November through parts of the winter for deer hunting. Otherwise, a great trail for walking, hiking, or running.

A great trail for those wanting just a little taste of what Kickapoo has to offer. It's relatively short, flat, and good for those who want to get into the woods. I recommend this anytime of year and I plan on uploading plenty more trails for people to be able to access this park easily (the trail maps online or at the office are inaccurate). These are GPS, so very accurate : )

3 months ago

mountain biking
3 months ago

Fun and challenging trail. Definitely NOT beginner trail except trail 1. Clay trail, mostly well built, rooty, twisty with lots of fun deep dips. Do not ride if wet. Very fun and much more challenging than advertised!

really nice little challenging Trail

I walked the 7 mile Out and Back trail when very few people were in the park. This would be a fantastic trail to run. The first mile is a wide open trail cut through the tall grass and bushes. The next five miles are primarily walked in the forest with a wide trail. The trail is easy to follow with mile markers every .25 miles. Very flat. Few tree roots on the trail. Great trail.

great trail