I walked the 7 mile Out and Back trail when very few people were in the park. This would be a fantastic trail to run. The first mile is a wide open trail cut through the tall grass and bushes. The next five miles are primarily walked in the forest with a wide trail. The trail is easy to follow with mile markers every .25 miles. Very flat. Few tree roots on the trail. Great trail.

great trail

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5 months ago

1 year ago

Good time!

Lots of hiking and fishing options. Don't miss out on the smallmouth fishing in the river.

A good kayaking trip for what you can find in Illinois.

Meh. Not much to offer for scenery; trails were a little confusing to follow because there were so many paths that went off the trail; lots of overgrowth; wasn't a difficult hike at all.

Pros: not overly crowded.

Glad I tried a new park, but probably won't be back anytime soon.

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2 years ago

Great view of the river and a fairly easy trail. Note that this really isn't a "loop" trail. It's about 0.8 miles that runs between a road and the river. At the end, you can turn straight back and walk it back (sort of an out and back trail). Or you can walk back on the road, which I suppose makes it a loop. That would be the boring way back . . .

We used to run this all the time for cross country. You can run a giant loop around the park on the roads and this trail keeps you parallel to the loop.

This 3.1 mile trail is called Clear Lake Trail. It follows Clear Lake around to the north out and around Emerald Pond. Some difficult places but for the most part it is a nice trail. There is a section that looks like it goes through a haunted section.....but during the day no biggie. (should not be out there at night anyway.) Toward the end there is quite a drop off to the right which gives you a nice view of the Middle Fork River. Trail is well marked - and takes about 1.5 - 2 hours to complete.

We enjoyed this trail. Bring water and bug repellant.