Very wooded trail in a nice park. Great recreational opportunity in central Illinois. Other than a few steep inclines, I did not find this trail to be very challenging, however. .

This is a great trail for being central Illinois! The trail is a 7.5 mile loop around the fingers of Lake Mingo and has some ravines with foot bridges that cross the rivers that feed into Lake Mingo. There was some pleasantly surprising geography for Central Illinois! Ravines, beaches with deadwood, forest, a patch of farm land with Eagles. Kennekuk Cove also features a historical town with a school house, chapel, grocery, and barber.

Kennekuk Cove is just north of the more well-known Kickapoo State Park.

The trail goes all the way around Lake Mingo -- for that reason it is an all-or-nothing trail (or going out just a bit and heading back). If you do only go a little ways in, then make it the Collins Archaeological site. The Collins site has a beautiful trail that runs right along the Vermillion River. Access to the Collins site: cross the dam first.