it is a great hike for short hikes, it is also nearby so that is a plus. I wish I had a good hiking partner to share in the fun.

Not much here. Cool if you like farm fields and swamps I guess.

The park received funding from a donor and reopened.

Lots of fun, but the park lost funding and closed.

This park is closing down. Sad to see it go, it was a close hike for me.

Pretty nice walk!

first time on this trail. I'll come back. good trail to break in my new hiking boots

Wide trail, well maintained. Follows some farmland which is less than desirable. But beautiful lake and birds...birds definitely don't disappoint.

Easy, wide, grassy, flat. The loop is 3.9 miles. We walked a gravel road interior to the loop that leads to campsites to increase our distance. Not challenging but pleasant and close to home. My geriatric dog had no problems. This trail would be easy for smaller children. I'll be back with grandbabies in a double jogging stroller - the trail is that well maintained and flat. Half or more of this trail is in full sun. For a big portion you have crop land on one side and Horseshoe Lake on the other side. There are some nice water views. If you look closely at one of my photos (the last one) you can see the St Louis arch above the trees. The trailhead has a small pavilion with some BBQ pits and picnic tables. This would make be a fun day for young families.

Easy flat trail. Can see the St. Louis Arch from the cornfield part of the tail.

Easy 3.5-4mi flat hike. Weird half way point cornfield route. Super close to home. If I don't feel like going too far and get a hike craving I'll come back!

my wife and I came out to camp. The sites are $8 a night and the camp area has toilets and a playground. The trail is flat, wide, and easy. It's been mostly dry this week and the ground is just a little squishy in a few places. The bridges that are reported washed out in other posts have been rebuilt. It's great for a quick getaway from the city.

Great trail and easy to find alternative routes when area's turn a bit marshy. In comparison to other trails I've been, it was not hard to find the route. That was a big help. The marshier area's of the trail tend to be toward the Southern end. The campsite roads and some secondary paths are good alternatives to re-route when the water gets high. North end high enough to generally avoid the mud issues.

We walked this path after a morning thunderstorm, and expected that the grass trail would be wet and muddy in places-it was. We saw several deer, birds, and frogs. We also saw a turtle and a giant snake skin (maybe 5' long?) hanging from a branch. Two bridges near the campground were washed out, which resulted in us walking along the road for the last mile of the hike.