Nice little trail. The longest trail is NOT a loop, it is a there and back trail for a total of about 6 miles. The check in location is the nature center (if you want to check in on the app). The trail is crushed limestone/dirt with bits of it paved at crossings. There are mosquitoes due to the water in the area. There are a few horse properties in the area that you can see from the trail but you have to look for them. There is a rustic campground with nice pit potties and there are also several trails that do loop off the main trail.

6 months ago

Great trails from paved to crushed limestone to natural mowed/dirt. Beautiful area and packed back in the woods nicely. There's a large hill you can climb by the visitors center to get a 360 view of the park. Gorgeous views that hide any roads/houses. Just trees and nature can be seen. Loved it.

The Greenway trail is a crushed limestone trail and easy walking. Beautiful sites to see along the way. Enjoyable for a good evening or morning stroll.