Some nice hills. Interesting cemetery information.

5 months ago

6 months ago

Great hike with the family and dog!

this is a decent trail with a couple of good uphill hill places and a pretty big uphill battle that when u get to the top will have a great view to see. and you can easily do more than the 3 or so miles it says I'm pretty sure if you take the right route you can get close to 7 or 8mi. possibly longer. there's flat, uphill, downhill, grass, gravel and dirt throughout. enjoy.

8 months ago

Great hike. Nice elevation changes for around here and great views from the karnes

11 months ago

Beautiful park, Nice clean Trails, lots of history. Pet Friendly!

Pretty nice.

1 year ago

Great morning hike. After stopping at Off Broadway coffee shop in Richmond, we went over to Glacial Park and hiked a couple of miles. It was only about 40 degrees out and windy. However, it was a nice challenge having the baby backpack on. Good local preparation for my hike in the Smokey Mountains next month. For trails in Northern Illinois, I would say Glacial Park is an intermediate hike. There are alot of trails less challenging that's for sure