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1 day ago

Loved this trail! Difficult on the knees but definitely worth the trip. It had rained a lot the past few days so there was a lot of running water.

Fairly busy trail. Not a lot of privacy but it had beautiful sites of sandstone rock ledges surrounded in local history.

This is one of my many favorite trails. I have walked it in all seasons and there is always something breathtaking about the scenery, even in the winter. When the leaves have fallen, I see more of the bluffs. I walked it today and things are budding and there are no flying bugs or spider webs in my face because it's so early in the year. I look forward to seeing it again all blossomed out.

This is a really great trail. However listen to other reviewers and take the trail counter clockwise. I chose to take trail clockwise and spent excess time going up hills. I completed trail In 6 hours. I did stop at red cedar trail campground there are picnic tables, fire pits, and bathrooms. Brought quick snack to refuel for energy.

And completed the entire trail in 1 day (6 hours). If time was available I would have loved to spent the night at the campground. I will be back to try this trail again.

I saw several turkeys, squirrels, and birds. No snakes thank goodness.

Some trail tips take bug spray tick repellant. Bring extra water. Watch where you step on the rocks they are slippery. The trail for most part is well marked, there were a few points I had to look @ the map. The trail is marked with white diamond w a red circle. The trail does interloop with river to river trail and horse trail, just make sure to look for those white diamonds because they can be easy to miss if your looking at the beauty of the hike.

This hike was sweet. It doesn’t go in a loop unless i couldn’t see the trail properly. We went a little off trail to hang out on the rocks.

22 days ago

fun trail. had to look at the map once or twice, but besides that had a good hike.

Great easy hike! Well maintained trail with gravel, stairs, wooden decking, and lots of trail signs. It's a perfect hike for kids with great variety and rock formations!

Easy hike and so beautiful!! The rock formations are beautiful. Try to catch it after a good rain for some pretty waterfalls. Loved this!

short, easy hike with tons of fun climbing opportunities make this perfect for a group with mixed abilities.

Very short hike. Cool rock formations that are easy to get to. I'd probably give this trail an easy rating vs. moderate. All trails are gravel so kind of hard on your feet.

1 month ago

Nice trail with historic artifacts and great overlooks.
With: Donna Tomlinson & Matt Tomlinson

Nice quick hike to with the added bonus of getting some All Trails points ;- ]
With: Donna Tomlinson and Matt Tomlinson

Nice trail. Easy to follow. The waterfall is pretty active, due to recent rain. Be careful on wooden bridges. They are slippery.

2 months ago

great cliff to picnic on

3 months ago

The scenery is not great probably because of the season - there are barely trees with leaves on. The trail is not hard. It took us 40-50 minutes to finish it. There wasn’t much to see except for some frozen waterfalls. I think it’d be better to go when it gets warmer.

4 months ago

Using this as a neutral rating as the trail was closed on 12/2/2017. Hopefully it will re-open soon. Was looking forward to a nice day hike.

This is a great trail for beginners. For the most part it was well marked. It was perfect for a fall hike. I think it would be more difficult in the spring/summer.

This trail was well marked with red circles and hiking in the fall is the perfect time! I would totally recommend this as a great two day hike for anyone that enjoys different scenery every step you go. It was a hiking challenge but nothing dangerous and safe for children which is what I wanted.

5 months ago

Nice trail to hike, especially for a beginner backpacker. Not too much of a distance and the campsite is almost in the middle. There is a decent amount of elevation climb. I did this hike twice and I personally prefer going counter clockwise. Campground has picnic tables and firepits. Camping with a hammock can be difficult, but is doable.

5 months ago

Nice trail hiked to the campsite in the rain which made the rocks a little slick but over all trail was pretty easy to follow. Could use a bit of maintenance cutting some of the blow down off the trail but still not so bad. Was marked very well except maybe two spots but if you go farther than 50yards without seeing a trail marker you most likely are off trail.

Nice trail

6 months ago

Rocky 2%+ average incline

Fun trail!

Trail isn't clear about where you are and aren't supposed to go. We realized after a moment that we needed to go behind the large sign. However we then followed the trail behind that sign, which as it turns out, is the wrong way to go.

Still really beautiful, and the stuff we saw by going the wrong way was actually pretty cool too.

7 months ago

Beautiful views. Caves and nice rock formations.

fun hike.

8 months ago

short hike with great view

8 months ago

A small jaunt through the woods with great optional cave/tunnel walks. Good for dogs and small children. Short but very pretty in the grand park.

8 months ago

I completed the full hike on 8/20/17. This trail is through spider country. Find a 12ft stick to tunnel your way through spider webs that cross the path every 6 steps. I would also recommend tick repellent. I walked though a nest and had hundreds of baby ticks covering my pants. Outside of battling insects, the hike was fairly easy to complete.

8 months ago

The trail was over grown with weeds and the path started to disappear. We ended up having to turn around less then a mile into it.

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