good wide paths, dense evergreen woods, and great views from a height.

nice easy trail.

1 month ago

A beautiful trail. Starts and ends easy, with a moderate section in the middle. IMO, it should be rated as moderate as to not mislead novice hikers. Great places to explore in the rocks and caves along the bottom of the cliffs. Great views from the top.

1 month ago

Love this short trail. After the crowds of people at Garden of the Gods only a short distance away, this felt like a welcome respite that may be overlooked by the people flocking to the main attraction one hill over. I actually enjoyed my hike here more because of the lack of people.

Lots of fun. Short hike, but you can make it longer by exploring in and out of the rocks and "cave like" areas. Great scenery at the top. It took us about an hour to hike in and out.

3 months ago

Nice easy trail with some great views and cool rock formations

Great hike. Great views with awesome rock formations.

4 months ago

We just went here last weekend! This was my first experience with hike-in hike-out camping and this trail ended up being perfect for it.

After enjoying the Garden of the Gods trails, we hiked up the left leg of this trail (through the forest up on top of the bluffs) and camped in the lee of a small hill, just behind the scenic outlook area. There ended up being many campers nearby that night but we didn't hear any of them! The silence was beautiful and the stars were spectacular. Really easy to make a campfire too, tons of dead wood around (we went when it was dry and hadn't rained in a few days). Heard some coyotes at night, but no animals disturbed us. I slept like a baby!

We did not find any sources of water on this venture so if you are camping here bring plenty of it with you! There are outhouses within a long walk / short drive from the trail parking lot, if you're not into digging holes (but bring your own hand sanitizer). There are pumps located in other areas of the park but we did not see any close by.

Saw a few pieces of trash left by others but this forest is in very good shape overall. Be responsible with your things though! Don't litter, and keep the place nice for others to use! I also see people in these reviews are drinking on the trails... alcohol is NOT PERMITTED in any National Park! Don't say you weren't warned.

5 months ago

Great place to hike and camp. Our first time being there we didn't know what to expect. There were alot of day hikers as well as over night campers, we of course camped right in the middle. We had campers in and around our camp at all hours of the night trying to find their friends or a camp site. Next time we will go more off trail, but it made it interesting for sure! lol. Bring plenty of water. and we never found any water sources other than the stagnant pond on the way in, and not sure I would even want to filter that, unless I absolutely had too.

6 months ago

Fun and beautiful trail with lots of rocks and several caves. Trail is already difficult to navigate at times and hiking this trail when it is snowing makes it more difficult, if you do not know where the trail goes.

nice trail but watch out for the ticks.

Easy trail with lots of exploring opportunities if you'd like. Beautiful views!!!!