Franklin Creek State Natural Area is located in Lee County, one mile northwest of the village of Franklin Grove and eight miles east of Dixon just north of Illinois Route 38. The beautiful Franklin Creek flows throughout the 882 -acre park. Several large natural springs, hardwood forests, bedrock outcroppings, and a large variety of flora and fauna comprise a pristine ecosystem.

Great trail and there are many others right around this area!

if u take the sidewalk trail .. it turns into a very good cardio workout!!! not so much for kids...
hiking iz new to me but ... i have to say ...
probably the best body workout i’ve ever had !
and i’ve been working out my whole life !
I think y’all need to check this out before ya
judge . .. good luck !

Hiked twice in the last month...i thought first hike was a workout.... smooth transition from flat to elevated areas... 2nd hike really a leg workout!
Started on the sidewalk path ... easy at first but elevated areas got my blood flowing...
Definitely a workout for me ... exactly what i want !!!

7/9/17 awesome trail my wife and I walked the entire loop today. Make sure to grab the map at the beginning of the trail because you will get lost for sure. in order to get to the second half of the trail you have to go through water no getting around it, no stones to walk across just calf deep water. the bugs are brutal so bug spray in a necessity. this has the difficulty similar to starve rock maybe harder. would be very pretty in the fall. we will be back.

was a great hike, girl friend packed the little one and the 2 kids so we stopped at the second water crossing and headed back! hope to hit in the fall would be beautiful! !!

It is a nice little trail with a bit of elevation, most people don't go past the first river crossing so the trail is not very well maintained past that point. Not a big deal though. Plenty of trail before the river.

great hike w lots of opportunities to play in the water!

Fun trail! The path is well marked and easy to follow until you get past the first creek crossing at marker 17. It seems that most people don't go beyond the creek. From there, we found many markers were missing, which made navigation a little tough...There seemed to me side trails that were not on the map. Anyway, the creek crossing were fun! There were four creek crossings along the route, and these were all 18" to 24" deep. All of the areas were fast flowing water, but it didn't seem dangerous. The cave was really neat, too! We will be back.

Nice walk, a few fun moments crossing some logs over wetlands (it had just rained). A few elevation changes. Overall with the trip for us.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Very cool app!!!

I've been on this trail many times. It's the other side of old mill road that interest me

easy and serene

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Great trail for hiking, be sure to wear clothing you don't mind getting wet and possibly muddy.

I absolutely loved it! My 6 year old son loved it my mom had a terrific time there's nature all around you! Passing they the river was fun! Heads up wear shoes passing thru there

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Nice space to visit . We were definitely challenged maneuvering steep steps and muddy trails after much rain. That being said, super peaceful and the river was cool. It was very high so we didn't attempt to cross it with young kids and would return to try it out. The kids really liked the play park at the very front!!

This is a fun trail if you like to get wet. The trail follows and crosses Franklin Creek. We hiked in late spring when the undergrowth is just stating to grow but already the nettles were crowding the trail. Because this is a lightly traveled path the trail may be hard to keep in spots later in the summer. We had fun in the creek and the woods. There are several abrupt elevation changes.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Wear shoes that can get wet. The streams are not deep, but there are some places you cross that are shin deep. Most places are wooded overlooking the creek. I recently found this place and have been there 2 times this week. Make sure to grab a map when you enter and give yourself plenty of time to get out before dark. The sun sets quickly.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fun trail. Not crowded and you get the chance to cross streams and stay off the beaten path during a casual hike.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday, June 24, 2017

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