It seems appropriate for one of the largest campground in the Illinois state park system to be located on the largest manmade lake in Illinois. Eldon Hazlet State Recreation Area is a 3,000-acre site on the west shore of Carlyle Lake, a Kaskaskia River impoundment. The site is located 3 miles north of Carlyle and 2 miles east of Illinois Route 127 in Clinton County. The site is leased by the Department of Natural Resources from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which built the 26,000-acre lake. It is named for a Carlyle attorney who organized the Kaskaskia Valley Association. Eldon Hazlet was the first president of the organization, which promoted construction of two of Illinois three largest reservoir/recreational complexes - Carlyle Lake and Lake Shelbyville - plus other improvements on the Kaskaskia River. Picture of Illini CampgroundAnnually, more than 800,000 visitors come to the park to camp, boat, fish, hunt, picnic, bird watch and to hike over 9 miles of trails in the park, or attend the sailboat regattas held almost every summer weekend. Whatever type of recreation you choose, its probably offered at Carlyle Lake.

Hiked Pawnee to Kaskaskia then did the Eagle loop and back to Illini Campground.
2.4 miles total. Saw 5 deer but no Snakes ☹️! A few swampy places but nothing major. Nice hike. Not much maintenance done on trails yet.

6 months ago

Wouldn't really call this a hike. More of a walk through a field on a sidewalk. Nice little pond at the end though.

I live near here and run these trails weekly.

Cherokee has three loops where one can exit or keep going to the next loop. There's an 1860's cemetery. Plenty of lookout areas with great water scenery. Secluded beaches. Deer and wildlife.

Hazlet has Cherokee, Pawnee, Kaskaskia, and Illini trails that are all connected and allow one to hike around most of Hazlet State Park.

All the trails are easy to walk wooded trails that are kept mowed and debris free.

I also never see anyone else out here, so you should have the trail all to yourself.

Pawnee Trail was great for a family hike. Trailhead had informational maps, latrines, and a very large gravel parking lot. Trail is well marked and very well maintained. Starting on the West side the trail is hard packed dirt, winding through the forest. The South side gives a great view of the lake from the high bluff. The final leg of Pawnee trail is a sidewalk from the cemetary back to the parking area. Pawnee trail intersects with another trail several times but both trails are well marked. Great hike with kids. about 1.5 miles of level trail in all.

9 months ago

nice walk with small kids or toddlers. sidewalk goes entire length of trail. picnic shelter at end of trail beside very pretty lake.

This is more than just one trail. It's a series of trails that adds up to more than 3 miles. Nice wildlife. I saw several deer, and a coon, on the Kaskaskia trail. The trails are well marked and well maintained.

Great trail! Super easy to find and navigate. Perfect for beginners or someone wanting a quick hike.

on Illini Trail

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ok walking trail if u don't mind lots of duck poop and a scenery that doesn't change. Walk around 3 large spill over ponds in a ATV grassy road w some gravel. No way near 2 hours, I did entire outer large part in 30 min of brisk walking. It is marked as an easy trail so I shouldn't complain.

Nice wooded trails with several loops so you can walk as far as you want. The trails I have hiked were very easy. They were pretty flat and well maintained. I saw several deer and many birds!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Easy access to this trail and joining trails, makes for a quick relaxing hike through the woods along Carlyle Lake. Well maintained trail, good for a family hike.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Very big lake, but not many viewing areas. Nice trails through the forest around the lake.Very good birding stop.

11 months ago

Friday, March 31, 2017

Saturday, September 15, 2012