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Nice flat trail with minimal traffic. Lots of diverse landscape with an off trail option.

I downloaded Zoe Palko’s recording because I wanted to walk about 3 miles. This trail is a real treat with its ever changing landscapes. Part forest, part meadow, then some tall reeds, then flowers, a few swamp areas, its not boring! This trail is located off of Mack road 1 . 2 miles west of Winfield rd. Its on the north side of Mack. McKee is part of Blackwell forest preserve, something I never knew until tonight. No trail is closed except the regional trail which intersects with this one.

The trail is closed about 1.5 miles from the start due to construction. It will remain closed until spring 2021. There’s no way around it unless you don’t mind crossing the stream and get your feet soaked. I tried to go east to make a big loop. Trying to cross Winfield Rd to St James. Although it shows on map that there are trails to get there, there is NOT. The map is not accurate. I don’t really mind exploring and rerouting because I’m doing a practicing hike with weight. I mind more about the mileage than the view and experience. But if you’re expecting to have a enjoyable hike with smooth experience, don’t try this one, At least not before Spring 2021.

7 months ago

This is a great trail, with pretty birds and scenery. However, be sure to check yourself and your dogs for ticks after this trail.

7 months ago

Closed after about 1.5 miles for the remainder of 2019

Nice loop on the north side of Blackwell. Wide variety of birds.

Very nice peaceful trail. Not much shade, so bring sunscreen. Lots of ticks, so be prepared for yourself and your pets.

Unique terrain. But not rugged, or much shade.

started on a specified trail then took a detour over to Mount Hoy.. Then went back down and followed the fishermen's trail back to the detour trail and then backtracked till we were back to the original trail. Then we went the rest of the way which leads to a recently controlled burn area you can walk through.. It was a long hike with a lot of changing scenery. As the seasons change it will be a joy to visit!

Went on a Sunday morning with my dog and it was beautiful. Great views from the top of Mount Hoy plus a good workout to get there! Definitely want to go back to explore more of the trails. The lake seemed to be getting busier by mid-morning but the trails still were lightly trafficked.

mountain biking
Thu Sep 06 2018

Really like it is one of my favorites.

Expansive and there are lots of activites available if that's what you seek. If you prefer peace and quiet, that's easy to find once you get a few minutes away from the parking lot. Boat rentals, hike/bike paths, sledding hill (with tube rental available), camping, etc.

Thu Aug 23 2018

Great for walking, running and biking. One of our favorites for many years.

I love running this path! It's so incredibly beautiful and peaceful!

Didn’t realize we’d be in full sun before heading out on a summer day - so I’d recommend going early morning or evening.... beautiful surroundings and saw many butterflies and birds. Gravel trail - so would be nice for biking.

Wed Mar 21 2018

Nice walk with minimal other dogs and people. Plenty of open space easily accessible off the trail to take my owner through the forest or across the prairie. Have your owner bring poo bags and carry them back out to the trash can at the parking lot. There were even restroom facilities for my owner.

This trail is only the McKee Marsh area. Blackwell is actually south and east of the outlined trail. Refer to the listing for “Regional, Bobolink, and Catbird” for Blackwell forest preserve.

We do this walk a lot with our dog. We like it.

bird watching
Mon Feb 05 2018

At Blackwell’s McKee Marsh, the 13,000-year-old skeleton of a woolly mammoth — one of the oldest finds of its kind in northeastern Illinois — was discovered in 1977.

Beautiful view from the top of Mount Hoy or Trashmore

The grandkids and I hiked 3/4 of the Egret trail @ Blackwell today as well as the campground loop. Today was the last day of camping till May. Trail on cut grass surrounded by lot of tall prairie plants & birds. Very good hike for preschoolers. Saw just a few poison ivy plants. Goldenrod, Jewell weed in flower, Joe pie weed, big blue stem, sunflower, Astor, and very tall cottonwood, birch, hickory, walnut & some oaks. There's a bathroom up on the hill near the start if trail. Next time we'll do the whole thing!

Sun Jul 16 2017

Nice crushed limestone paths in beautiful prairie, woods and marshland. Mostly flat.

While the trails themselves are very clear, the trail names are no where to be found aside from the regional trail. You'll end up walking farther than intended if you aren't paying attn or don't have a sense of direction. Beautiful marshland and woodlands. Wasn't anything much to see in terms of wildlife, birds, or flowers, but to be fair it is February. We turned off too early on our way back to the car and ended up having to go through the maintenance station and Mack Rd. Trailheads aren't marked either except at the start. Wasn't a great way to end a beautiful walk. We will definitely go back in spring or summer as I bet it is teeming with flora and fauna.

nice and super relaxing with no altitude change. However, still pretty long make sure to bring water and snacks.

Many different avenues to explore this preserve. You leave feeling like you really accomplished something.

This review is for McKee Marsh on the north side of the preserve. This is a prime location for birding in DuPage County, especially in the spring and fall when birds are migrating. Bring binoculars and a camera with telephoto lens, if you have them. Don't forget bug spray in the summer!

Needs more signage

If you are an avid hiker and live in DuPage county, Blackwell has the most to offer. I use Mount Hoy to train for my annual hikes in the mountains. There are trails on the backside of the hill that are much steeper than the sledding hill There are several flat crushed limestone trails that meander around the perimeter of the park. I found a few unmarked foot paths that wind through the woods around silver lake. Some the of descents down to the lake are very challenging. Blackwell much more to offer such as boat rentals, camping, fishing, picnicing.

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