I grew up in Twin Falls but have traveled around the world and this is one of the best trails to see the local geography and landscape. Well worth the time.

Gorgeous views of the multiple falls. Main fall did not have water going over on this day but was still full of wonderful sites to see. Cash only to park.

Very family friendly and serene beautiful

It was breathtaking and you can kayak or paddle board up to the falls from twin falls on the snake river, loved the views and the scenery... it was priceless views

Pretty awesome little drive up with a slight walk on a pathway. Easy peasy, no effort... but what a view!! Great to stretch the legs and there’s a beautiful park to let the dogs run, family picnic, etc.

not bad if you want to go swimming I think the waters is pretty shallow maybe for kids

spectacular view on the bridge going in to twins Falls and the waterfall it's amazing to take your family with you

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We started hiking the trail clockwise and the path was very hard to follow due to a lot of people walking through the area and making their own paths. Ended up going down one of these paths and skipping a large section of the intended trail which made the hiking more interesting, but also much more difficult. Not the best hike to do in the middle of summer as it was very hot and there is little to no shade. The best part of the hike was getting done and being able to swim in the lake, which was surprisingly but pleasantly cold.

4 months ago

Do not miss this. Incredible. Dogs allowed it on leash, but please pick up after your pet! There are stairs to the look out spots so all humans and pets need to be able to do the steps.

Just moved to Idaho and Visiting Shoshone falls was our best adventure out here! The falls are truly breathtaking. I understand why it has the renowned name of “The Niagara Falls of the Mid West”. Absolutely beautiful. To get a better, head on view of the falls you can take an easy walk up to another look out. We did the Moderate trail and hiked up through the brush on man made trails on the hill. Once your past those you will continue your walk on a paved road until you reach the look out. Loved every second of being there! Dog friendly too! I advise to go during the week, it is less crowded. They have bathrooms and a cool shop to buy food and souvenirs.

This is a favorite stop for me every time I'm passing through Twin Falls. Surprisingly, not many people walk up to the higher observation deck, which offers better views of the falls and better photo opportunities, as its not in the mist.

5 months ago

A nice, short trail just up the road from Shoshone Falls (follow signs right after the toll booth instead of heading down). Very close to town but there are several moments that offer enough serenity to make you feel as if you're somewhere else. There are some stairs to get up to the canyon rim on the north side of the lake about halfway through the trail, which is a little bit of a challenge. There's also some little offshoots on the trail that could add another .3 miles or so to the total hike if you choose to explore them. Other than that, it's a pretty nice stroll.

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