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Did this hike on Oct 12, expected snow and there was some, mainly on the mile just before Alpine Lake. Trail to Sawtooth Lake was in good shape. We had blue skies and only a little wind at the lake. The last 1.5 miles back to the trailhead had some serious mud later in the day. Long hike but really manageable climb and well maintained trail. Beautiful destination!

horseback riding
6 days ago


Great for a short backpacking and camp trip especially if you are new to backpacking or are bringing someone new Lots of fun little of the trail spots that make great campsites and most of the trail is near rock creek so there is plenty of water. I just spent 5 days with on the trail with a friend who wanted to learn/practice some bush craft, we had a blast

14 days ago

First time hiking this trail and now a favorite of mine. Absolutely beautiful trail and stunning views. We hiked the loop clockwise and will again when we return in warmer months.

This was a lovely hike, though I wouldn't classify it as 'easy'. There is a good amount of climbing, loose rocks, and a lot of wet areas to navigate. But, there was a surprising lack of deadfall as compared to other wilderness area hikes we've done which was a nice change! We didn't make it all the way to the end of the hike, but the views we did see were amazing.

Not the prettiest start. The view at the end is beautiful though. It looks like the trail continues after the marsh. You can sign in to a back country register there as well. If you are in the area and need a short hike, low elevation gain with a pretty view, its worth it. Soooo many squirrels and chipmunks!!

Really enjoyed it! Good variety, nice views even though weather was poor. Well marked and maintained.

Chose this trail because it was rated easy and promised a beautiful view. Wow! I have never seen anything so breathtaking. Totally doable for two 64-year old women who are not in the best shape. Took some amazing photos, too. Highly recommend for everyone.

22 days ago

Great hike! Short, sweet, amazing views, and great small fish to catch.

A great fall hike...windy at the lake but absolutely beautiful. We agree with other posters that it’s more moderate of a hike than difficult.

24 days ago

It's okay. Not my favorite. Lake did not WOW me.

26 days ago

Hike was okay, but because of the burn, was a little sad. Lake must be well stocked, as we could see several trout from the shore.

30 days ago

9/7/19. backpacked in Sat night lower trail. perfect weather. sunset. was dark by the 3rd River Crossing. all Crossings up to my knees or higher. the trail is great. could do it in my water shoes. Lots of places to camp with fire pits. not a soul around. good time of year. still drizzling next morning. took coffee to the hot springs. had it all to ourselves. it was awesome!! we left late afternoon and took the high Trail. (good if you have kids) great views with all the Mist

turned off Redfish lake lodge and parked just before the creek bridge. the trail itself is easy and beautiful.

This is an amazing hike! The trail isn't too difficult until you get past Alpine Lake. Then it gets significantly more challenging but it's still manageable. I'm not sure if I agree with the "hard" rating though. To me it's a high-end "moderate" level hike. I've hiked trails this site rates as "moderate" that were more difficult than this. Anyways, just when you think you've had enough, Sawtooth Lake comes into view and it's absolutely stunning! If you turn left when you get to Sawtooth Lake, there is a hill right on the shore of the lake that makes for great panoramic views of the lake if you hike to the top of it. You can also keep going if you want and you'll run into two smaller lakes further down the trail. The trail is in excellent condition the entire way, but there are a couple of fallen trees you'll have to step over in the first couple miles. This hike took me 6 hours to complete. Also, this trail does not go all the way up to Alpine Peak. It would be an extremely steep and dangerous off-trail climb to Alpine Peak and I don't recommend that anyone attempt it unless they're very experienced.

1 month ago

Easy to do hike not hard but is pretty in its own way. The area was burned from a forest fire so it’s important to keep hiking it for the next generation to enjoy the area.

Did this hike awhile ago, got to the lake and a storm rolled in so we left early but definitely want to go back and spend a night up there simply beautiful.

As written and mapped, it's not a very interesting or rewarding track as far as trails in the Sawtooths go...decent views of the surrounding peaks and a very pleasant creek on a mostly flat walk with a few downed logs. If you're willing to continue up to Leah's Lake, it goes from an easy walk to a moderately tough class 2 scramble - solid rock with good handholds but it gains 900' in a little over half a mile. You can find the goat path if you cross the creek to the left at about 3.3 miles and look for rocks people have placed on logs to mark the way through the forest. The lake is gorgeous and takes the hike from eh to spectacular though! And if you're really ambitious, once you reach Leah's Lake you can look for the goat path along the south shore (stay as low as you can to avoid getting cliffed out) and make your way cross-country up to Logjam Lake and a few other ponds. Long day but beautiful!

1 month ago

Tough trail but worth it. First 2-2.5 miles from trail head is a good warm up. After that the next 5-5.5 miles is pretty much all incline with little flat trail. I thought it was easier to follow the ridge line to get up to the top. It’s a long rocky scramble.

1 month ago

Great trail,not technical, single track mostly through the pines with some open sagebrush riding. Easy to bike to the trail head Ketcham,Sun Valley, or Elkhorn

Hiked the loop over 2 days, counter-clockwise towards Farley Lake. Skipped Edith Lake and camped up on the saddle north-west of Twin Lakes. Second day was all downhill. The crossings are shallow and never needed water shoes. Lot's of people, the trail head was overflowing.

1 month ago

Great hike. Clear water

We started at the Tin Cup TH which leads to yellow belly lake. Very easy to moderate to an elevation of about 7400 feet. Breathtaking views and great hike. Truly a fun hike to a great looking lake. Enjoy.

This hike took to lake Washington about 6 miles. We reached an elevation of 9578 feet. It was a September cold day. Still was a moderate hike because you drive in 10 miles from HWY 75 and it is up there. Overall was awesome and lame Washington was so cool. Enjoy.

amazing views! worth the journey!

wow!! so glad we picked this one. It's worth the 10mile drive in & up to the trailhead. On the drive up you see so much of the burn area, it's haunting. The trail it's self is a slow accent with about 9 river crossings and varried terrain. Beautiful all the way to Washington Lake which is STUNNING! With stops for pictures and snack it took us 3 hrs. Highly recommend!!

This is an amazing loop that is aslo very traveled. If you are worried about bugs...please......please DO NOTT TREAT YOUR CLOTHS IN PERMETHRIN. Way to much water and native fish to worry about. It only takes micro grams to kill char and other fish species. There are other ways to avoid mosquitos and bugs....if you cant do it without destroying your surrounding ecosystem you probably shouldn't be mingling in it. Keep your dogs on a leash and please pack out all of its waste. RESPECT this beautiful place.

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