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1 day ago

Husband and I lost the trail for a bit and added an extra half mile because we needed up on a 50 in/XC ski trail but it was still a great hike. Saw several ruffed grouse and meet some people on the trail who’d seen moose.

this was a great hike! not too difficult or too far.

Epic run with amazing views on a well maintained trail!
As good as it gets!

one of my favorite hikes

mountain biking
5 days ago

Only rode on the portion between baker creek and galena lodge. I thought the prettiest part of the trail by far was between galena and prairie creek.

Did this trail on mountain bikes with my 11yo. The autumnal colors were stunning on a gorgeous day. The trail was somewhat challenging at times (some fallen trees on the way back through the forest path), but we will definitely do this one again!

Awesome Great Beautiful easy to moderate. Can’t ask for a better day hike

nature trips
8 days ago

The pool is actually situated inside the Baumgartner campgrounds. The campgrounds are currently closed for improvements but you can still access the area by foot. It's just a short walk down a scenic road, not really a hike imo.

We saw several people leaving the pool area on our walk up and hoped to have a quiet soak. Alas, there were still 6 adults and a few children in the pool when we arrived. So we quietly waited1/2 hr for them to finish. Soon as we finally hopped in another group showed up and also hopped in...

Loved this trail! I added an excursion to Lake Imogene for a night. Also camped at Twin Lakes on a point that juts out into the water. Had the lake to myself. Woke up to a beautiful snowfall.

Great trail!

10 days ago

This was our first hike in Idaho. While the trail can be done on a few hours, we opted to spend the entire day and took it slow. Definitely take the detour to Alpine Lake. Honestly, Sawtooth is bigger but Alpine was our solid favorite. We spent a good chunk of time here just enjoying the silence other than the sound of the water lapping the edge. We continued on up the switchbacks and hot another little lake (which we nicknamed decoy lake) and almost turned around did to a snow squall that moved in. But so glad we pushed on another few yards. Sawtooth Lake was gorgeous. We took the extra time to walk to the far side of the lake and followed the trail on through a boulder field for a spectacular view of some mountain lake in the distance. We stopped a few times for snacks, lunch, and just to experience the peace of the wilderness. We made our way back to Iron Creek trailhead for a total of 13+ miles and 8 hours exactly. As I said, it can be done in way less time, but we took deliberate time.

Pretty hike with good views pretty much the whole time! No bugs. Easy to get to.

This was a beautiful, flat walk/hike in the woods near a stream. The fall colors were just starting. It’s also a mountain bike trail. This would be a great choice for young kids too.

Great places to camp on the West end of the lake. The lake itself is pristine; however, as far as I could tell there were no fish. Also, this makes for a good base camp if you want to take your children and extend day hikes through the surrounding area.

Moderate hike? Yeah no it’s easy. And not a hike, it’s a walk.

Good workout. Nice views of the Sawtooths at the Roundhouse. During the hike, you’re primarily looking at the ski runs and the town of Ketchum, not exactly wilderness and that’s why this hike ranks a bit lower. It was hot and dusty. Everything was dried out.

Was an intense yet wonderful day hike/run, stayed at the campground at Petit lake after, wish I would have brought backpacking gear to stretch out the scenery over another day.

Very dusty in summer. Nice, easy walk to lakeside primitive campsites.

20 days ago

If it’s at your skill level then it’s a must the mountain ranges that you see are unbelievable.
Hard to go wrong when in Idaho
Note that there is no visible trail for LOTS of he trail especially in the beginning when climbing over and across the ridge
Also disclaimer I didn’t follow the trail exactly
If you want more photos or want to ask questions you can contact me through Instagram @j.wwest

21 days ago

very pretty
the hike in is pretty rough at parts but worth it

Loved this trail! We hiked with a 7 year old and a dog and it was a moderate hike. The views were stunning. Saw few deer and chipmunks on the way. We went early enough to avoid the heat and it proved to be a good decision! The redfish lake looked beautiful along the trail and the bench lakes were a treat to the eyes.

22 days ago

Fun hike beautiful lake

22 days ago

Amazing views everywhere! We did this loop counter-clockwise over two days spending the night at Toxaway Lake. We went over Labor Day weekend so parking was very crowded, but seems like there are a lot of options for parking if the main lot fills up. We didn’t see a single mosquito this time of year. I highly recommend this loop!


Great area with beautiful views. Lots of options for side trails and adventures!

The lodge loop trail is actually on .67 miles. Suggest the meadow loop.

Bridge is out. Make shift logs set up. Not for average balance people.

Heavily trafficked but rad.

My favorite trail I have done in Idaho. The only thing this trail is missing is a waterfall!

Great hike. This trail is off. Just follow signs. Saw plenty of deer and mountain goats at lake miner. Lake miner trail is much steeper so go Prairie and then come down via miner.

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