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This was a nice trail. Views alone/terrain would have been 5 stars. But there were a lot of mountain bikers. And dogs. We saw about a dozen dogs, ALL of whom were off leash. Only one owner bothered to leash, or even call her dog as we approached with our own (leashed) dog. Also, multiple people were leaving bags of dog poop on the trail.

Easy trail to Fourth of July and Washington. We stopped at the pond and our kids scrambled up the peak there but kept going to Washington which is spectacular. Beautiful stream with wildflowers on the trail in. Don’t get tricked by the pond- keep going! Washington Lake is bigger than 4th of July and lovely.

Really nice hike with many creek crossings. I will do this again next time I take a trip to this area. Fourth of July Lake is a beautiful stop, but trail continues. It adds another 3/4 to 1 mile to go past a pond and descend to Washington Lake. Really stunning location to spend some time. Peaceful, clear water, and a nice ridge line across the lake. We didn’t take the trail any farther. Wildflowers were still blooming, especially in more lush areas by creeks. Pretty awesome microclimates. Trail is fairly wide. No insects (early-mid August).
There was a 10 mile trip in on gravel road to get to the trail head. The last 6 miles of which is an area burned by a wildfire perhaps 5 years prior.
3 horses and later, 3 dirt bikes also went up during our hike. They all passed respectfully. We saw a good number of other hikers, but it wasn’t crowded. Many were backpackers coming in from much longer treks in White Cloud. Loved the hike!

5 days ago

We did this as part of the White Clouds loop backpacking. Lovely lake and hike.

great trail lots of climbing the first five miles 1,500 ft

We did the loop 17 miles the downhill is unbelievable

love this trail great for mountain biking. must ride forbidden fruit

trail running
19 days ago

This is such a lovely moderate run or hike. You can go either direction for scenery, but if you don’t like short sharp slippery climbs up, better to go counterclockwise. Lovely sections along the river, lots of sections through the shady woods and up to the rocky, red dirt outlook with great views across to Eagle creek and of the north end of the valley. Best early am (no later than 10) in summer to beat the crowds and the heat. Be sure to Park at Fox Creek trailhead, not chocolate gulch (which is a residential neighborhood and therefore only has a couple of parking spots available)

We hiked the Shadyside/Sunnyside loop part of Adam’s Gulch area. Super close to Ketchum. By the book, about 3.3 miles of a little up and down. Nothing overly strenuous at all - I would say accessible for most people. I can see where it would be a nice easy/moderate mtn bike ride as well, and we did see several people doing this. Note: if you go hike later on a summer day (late AM/PM), start at the trail sign and do the Sunnyside part of the trail first. It will take you out heading west with the mountain on your right with nice picture ops. It will hairpin in about 1.5 miles after going over a creek and then head east through pine forest. The shade will be welcome if it’s hot. You can take side trails, and we did hike up one to a viewpoint overlook Ketchum that was nice. Wear suitable shoes with grip. Overall, a nice, easy hike. Would be fun to bike it. You can make this as long as you want by taking the various side trails.

on Murdock Creek

nature trips
21 days ago

Gorgeous scenery, beautiful leisurely walk, wheelchair accessible for part of the trail. Had my 10 year old daughter with me so we had to turn back at the severe incline, but I intend to go back to see if the second half of the trail matches the first half in beauty. Definitely would recommend.

This trail as mapped here is to Roundhouse NOT the summit. The summit is an additional 2 miles (and about another 1800' elevation gain!) one way from the Roundhouse Connector, which is itself .7 miles. The signs at the bottom are misleading because it says 3.7 mi. to Roundhouse and 5 to the summit but the connector makes it so that it's a considerable detour to do so.

Pro Tip: the gondola at roundhouse is free on the way down.

If you want to continue to the summit, you can append that 4 mile round trip and take the connector to roundhouse for the free ride down making for a 7.7 mi total trail. Roundhouse is worth a stop too for some food and beer and to really absorb those views!

Beautiful hike up, crosses streams and creeks the whole way. Pretty easy hike with a good deal of shade. The view up at the lake is very pretty. Bring bug spray!

Great Lake with beautiful views, brought my swim trunks and towel, jumped in the lake and laid out in the sun. What a perfect reward to an awesome hike. I’d say this is an easy hike. Streams and shade through most of the trail giving you plenty to look at along your hike. One of the other reviews said it looked like a “pond”. There is a summit between Fourth of July Lake and Washington Lake, with a small pond. Don’t stop there, you’ll need to keep following trail and hike down to Washington lake. Super easy and not very far. Great hike! Highly recommend.

Beautiful views! Can go for a short loop or long depending on what you’re feeling. Multiple trails available. We went long and ended up going 10miles. Parking lot was packed, but we didn’t see all that many people on the trail which was nice.

Nice hike along the river of you follow it towards the next most south trail head. Not as much shade as I was hoping for. Pretty vistas of the mountains across the way when you double back

Great moderate trail with a variety of scenery including mountain vistas and hiking along the river. Do it counter clockwise from the trailhead.

Incredible views along this hike. Well worth the trip! The mosquitos were a little too friendly though.

1 month ago

Beautiful loop trail. The wildflowers are abundant and varied this time of year.

Well maintained and the view is incredible!!!

1 month ago

Excellent Trail. Beautiful views throughout. Hope I get to that part of the country again!

1 month ago

Amazing views. My favorite hike locally by a good deal. so many wildflowers right now too!

1 month ago

This is not a loop trail! But It is a great trail for getting a stunning view of the mountains surrounding Ketchum and well worth the effort of the steep climb out of the gulch and up to the summit...which is over 1,000 feet from the bottom of the gulch. Allow 5 hours to hike in and back out.

Great hike. scenic and shady. We went the 21 of June and there were a few places we hiked through the snow. Spent the night at the lake and was a little cold.

Good loop trail, lots of views from the top. Mosquitos can get bad along the river portion.

A great hike with lots of variety and terrific views.

Great hike! Still lots of snow on the trail, knee deep in places, but was able to pack in and camp overnight at the lake.

on Redfish Lake Trail

2 months ago

Great trail conditions. Lots of variety. Great views at lots of locations

We had a great hike today! A beautiful, well marked and scenic route! magnificent views!

2 months ago

Perfect for off leash hiking with “Fido!”

2 months ago

Nice hiking/snowshoeing/skiing trail during the winter but it does spend a lot of time right next to the highway, which really detracts from the beauty of the area. Also, lots of people bring dogs who run alongside them when they are skiing and allow them to poop on the trail with no cleanup. Watch your step.

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