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Still, a lot of snow on the trail as others have stated. Whether you use boots with or without gaters, you will need about 12" of protection to keep your feet dry. I highly recommend gaters!

We followed Trail 640 to the valley Iron Creek crossing. Steadily increasing snow as you make your way up the trail. With some strategic log placement, we were able to make it across with relatively dry feet. From that point on, you will be walking on about 3ft of snow (mostly solid pack). It is absolutely beautiful in the valley and well worth it to cross the creek.

After the creek, despite using 2 different offline GPS trail maps, we were unable to find the trail again. We made our way to the next ridgeline, ate lunch, and decided to turn back.

An amazing hike with the right gear and highly recommended.

It's not the hike's fault there was too much snow.

It is absolutely gorgeous up there! And so quiet. I went on a beautiful blue bird day, crisp and sunny. This was my first time hiking in the Sawtooth wilderness and couldn't believe how lightly tracked the trail was, if it even was the trail.

I followed someone's path about 2.5 miles in before their trail abruptly ended at a canyon. Considering there was no return footprints, I can only assume...
1. They were eaten by a bear,
2. They fell into the canyon or
3. I'm just an idiot and couldn't see where they actually went.

Either way, would love to come back someday and try this hike again when all the snow melts.

going to go back in the next month to actually get to the trail. Unfortunately there was a pretty decent amount of snow so we didnt get to go as far as originally planned! Can't wait to go try again soon!

It was great.

It was busier than I expected but it is also directly off the road. You can make your own pools that mix hot spring water and river water. The river is very scenic especially if you build your pool further away from the bridge.

3 months ago

Didn't know what to expect when we pulled up. This was our 1st time here and we absolutely loved it!!! Great trails for all levels


One of if not the best hikes I've done. Just incredibly beautiful. It was a little chilly and very windy in early October. Saw a tree and several branches toppled so be careful if it's windy. Amazing how fast a tree can fall when it gets going.

7 months ago

Short and sweet hike up to a small lake. All the flowers were dead, but the views of the snow covered mountains made up for it. Some small patches of ice and snow but nothing crazy. The burnt trees are pretty cool. Easy hike overall.

8 months ago

A favorite!

8 months ago

Prettiest place I've ever backpacked.

Beautiful hike. Camped over Labor Day weekend. Only downfall is the trail is pretty crowded.

8 months ago

My husband and I arrived around 1:00 p.m. on Saturday of Labor Day Weekend. Parking (free) was maxed out but luckily we found a spot; near the Trailhead is your standard bathroom should you need one. At the Trailhead is where you fill out your free wilderness permit.

Now, the hike was lovely! It starts out pretty flat with your standard Idaho forest and eventually begins to climb. You'll cross a couple of creeks (logs and rocks strategically placed if you'd like to remain dry), enter into a beautiful meadow which still had wild flowers in bloom on September 3, and ride switchbacks with some epic views of the Sawtooth Mountain range. The trail will vary from a powdery dirt like substance to gravel, to rocks... be careful to avoid twisting/spraining your ankle!

We found the hike to be pretty strenuous with a pack as our goal was to camp at the lake, but it was doable!

By the time we arrived at the lake, all of the lakeside camping spots had been taken (obviously)! We still found a nice one but Lake side is what you should strive for!

We did a little bit of fishing and were pretty successful in the evening (sunset) and early morning (sunrise) in catching tiny trout.

The haze/smoke from Montana has reached this lovely range; while it has impeded some of the views slightly, it didn't affect our air quality (as far as we could tell). I lugged my Canon 5D Mark III, 35mm f/1.4 lens, and a tripod JUST to get a shot of the stars. Nothing was visible by midnight so we went to bed. We didn't include our cover/precipitation/wind protector in hopes of seeing some stars... I was hesitant at first due to the cold weather BUT the newest Marmout sleeping bags we purchased were PERFECT and kept us warm. I woke around 2:00 a.m. to beautiful stars!! It was so cold... I couldn't bring myself to get out of my sleeping bag SO I just enjoyed it for what it was. It was also SO QUIET! Our dog actually slept through the entire night without being bothered by little creature noises in the night.

We backpacked up to Sawtooth Lake for the eclipse and had a great campsite. Got up there 3 days early. Everyday it got more crowded but never to many people. Such an awesome hike! I will return soon.

Great hike! The views are amazing! Did this hike late august and the wildflowers are in full bloom up at sawtooth lake!

8 months ago

Easy hike for all ages. Lots to look at, from flowers to creeks, to the final destination of the beautiful lake. Lots of people on the trail.

Stunning hike! Absolutely loved it!

8 months ago

Camped at Sawtooth Lake for the 2017 solar eclipse. Trail is very well maintained and moderate for the first 3 miles. Two miles before lake the switchbacks begin. Many great campsites available at the lake. Consider climbing one of the peaks or walking the ridge.

9 months ago

Stunning! Great hike, spectacular sights and scents! Wish I had taken the time to find Goat Lake too (locals all rave about it). Next time...

Great hike with stunning views of Sawtooth Lake and Mt Regan. Checked out Alpine Lake as well on the way down. Lots of people backpack and camp either near Sawtooth Lake or Alpine Lake.

Great hike for a half or full day. The lakes are amazing. A bit challenging terrain at times.

From easy to more difficult to snow and then THE LAKE - what a beautiful scene

nice hike. lots of horses so watch out for poo.

Great trail. Completed with 7yr olds, dogs and larger multi family group. Bring lots of water during the summer (prob xtra socks too) and start early. Scenic, moderate traffic and worth the time / effort. Also, bring OFF or DEET as the bugs are out in force (particularly in the early evening!).

9 months ago

Quiet and serene trail. However, not well maintained with a number of fallen trees and the trail kind of disappears as you approach the river crossing which seems to have moved from the one in the map. We crossed via the large, white fallen tree. At the end you are by a waterfall and a view of a sawtooth formation in the distance. We tried going further up toward the lake, but it became a bit of a scramble.

No idea where this trail actually was. We ended up on the rip and tear bike trail. Would be great for biking. Not the best for hiking

9 months ago

Great hike! Visiting from Colorado and was looking for a mellow hike with family and our dogs. The dogs got to cool off at the lake before turning around and heading back down. The wildflowers are amazing and the contrast between the burnt trees from the recent wildfires and the bright colors of the wildflowers are beautiful.

9 months ago

My map below is to Brodie Gulch Saddle. On the trail to Baker Lake at 1.4 miles (and .3 to lake) turn right on Apollo trail. there is a trail sign here. Then go .8 to the saddle. Beautiful. Then turn around and back to the trail sign. Turn right to lake and left to car. My map shows I did not go to lake as it had started to rain. This hike as of now has the best WILDFLOWERS.

Great hike with beautiful views--water is so clear but there is still snow at the top making it a little difficult around the lake.

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