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Fantastic hike completed in ten hours. First snow of the year with beautiful fall colors. Trail names (numbers not referenced) are well marked.

11 days ago

Brought my father-in-law here and loved this trail. He is agrees it’s one of the best hikes he’s done in his life! I’m looking forward to doing this again and backpacking further!

Very easy hike. Nice view in the lake.

We did this hike in three days in the last weekend in June. The weather was perfect and we would absolutely do this again. Like other reviewers, I also recommend hiking clockwise due to the hotter, dryer, final stretch back to Pettite (Pet-it). We stayed camped at Alice and Toxaway Lake and after doing the full hike, would definitely stay at those two lakes if we ever did this again.
Things to note: 1. You cross a river about 5/6 times. I strongly recommend having chocos or some other very secure, sturdy sandal to change in to when doing this. or at least be prepared to change socks or something.
2. Toxaway lake had approx. 500 Billion mosquitos- Deet is an absolute must.
3. There is snow at the top of this trail-I was SO grateful for my trekking poles at this point. Also pants.
4. There is a point on the way back to the car where the trail forks and there is the worst possible signage situation happening. It is towards the end, and you have the option to keep going straight or take a sharp right turn, as though your going back in the direction that you just came from, and you need to take that. You'll have some last minute up-hill action and then you'll drop back down towards pettit.

Please don't be the people that are leaving trash in the mountains. take out what you bring in. And have fun!

21 days ago

Great hike!! Planned on doing the loop in one day. Recorded - 19.2 Miles in 8.5 hours. Going sack to overnight it.

28 days ago

Husband and I lost the trail for a bit and added an extra half mile because we needed up on a 50 in/XC ski trail but it was still a great hike. Saw several ruffed grouse and meet some people on the trail who’d seen moose.

this was a great hike! not too difficult or too far.

Epic run with amazing views on a well maintained trail!
As good as it gets!

Loved this trail! I added an excursion to Lake Imogene for a night. Also camped at Twin Lakes on a point that juts out into the water. Had the lake to myself. Woke up to a beautiful snowfall.

Great places to camp on the West end of the lake. The lake itself is pristine; however, as far as I could tell there were no fish. Also, this makes for a good base camp if you want to take your children and extend day hikes through the surrounding area.

Good workout. Nice views of the Sawtooths at the Roundhouse. During the hike, you’re primarily looking at the ski runs and the town of Ketchum, not exactly wilderness and that’s why this hike ranks a bit lower. It was hot and dusty. Everything was dried out.

Was an intense yet wonderful day hike/run, stayed at the campground at Petit lake after, wish I would have brought backpacking gear to stretch out the scenery over another day.

Very dusty in summer. Nice, easy walk to lakeside primitive campsites.

1 month ago

If it’s at your skill level then it’s a must the mountain ranges that you see are unbelievable.
Hard to go wrong when in Idaho
Note that there is no visible trail for LOTS of he trail especially in the beginning when climbing over and across the ridge
Also disclaimer I didn’t follow the trail exactly
If you want more photos or want to ask questions you can contact me through Instagram @j.wwest

1 month ago

very pretty
the hike in is pretty rough at parts but worth it

Loved this trail! We hiked with a 7 year old and a dog and it was a moderate hike. The views were stunning. Saw few deer and chipmunks on the way. We went early enough to avoid the heat and it proved to be a good decision! The redfish lake looked beautiful along the trail and the bench lakes were a treat to the eyes.

1 month ago

Fun hike beautiful lake

1 month ago

Amazing views everywhere! We did this loop counter-clockwise over two days spending the night at Toxaway Lake. We went over Labor Day weekend so parking was very crowded, but seems like there are a lot of options for parking if the main lot fills up. We didn’t see a single mosquito this time of year. I highly recommend this loop!


Heavily trafficked but rad.

Great hike. This trail is off. Just follow signs. Saw plenty of deer and mountain goats at lake miner. Lake miner trail is much steeper so go Prairie and then come down via miner.

Incredible backpacking trip with stellar views and interesting terrain throughout. Switchbacks made for easy ascents and lengthy descents. We did the loop starting at tin cup heading counter-clockwise with camp at Farley Lake on night one and Alice Lake on night two per Backpacker magazine. Could do in one night with a stay at Toxaway, but I would recommend savoring this one!

The Devils Staircase is treacherous with heavy backpacks because it is very steep on both sides with loose rock and scree. Use extreme caution and if you are inexperienced, do not try it. The scenery is very beautiful all around the White Cloud Peaks . There is a trail from Quiet Lake to the Four Lakes Basin, follow the creek to the right up from Quiet Lake to find the Four Lakes Basin. The place is full of rugged alpine scenery and we had a great time. The passes were scary though.

Great hike for all ages. Payoff with a beautiful alpine lake!

Great hike. The first 1.5 miles is easy the last stretch works for legs a bit. Saw a lot of small kids hiking. (Which is great!) The trail is heavily trafficked and shows the wear and tear. The lakes are all beautiful. The 2nd and largest lake we had great success pulling out 12-16 cutthroat trout.

Absolutely amazing!

relaxing, with beautiful wildflowers. Crystal clear water.

Son and I did this loop recently and found it to be well traveled but clean. We started at Pettit Lake and hiked our way clockwise going to Alice Lake first then over the pass to Toxaway Lake. Finally going to Farley Lake and finishing the loop back at the Tin Cup Trailhead.

We had a blast and look forward to our next hiking trip!

This was a wonderful hike and a beautiful lake. I think the other reviewers who wrote about the uphill climbs went in from the Tin Cup trailhead by the campground of Pettit.

If you use the trailhead from this app is is a very easy hike that matches the elevation gain of the post. I wouldn't classify this exact hike as a loop because the other side of it is a road. I also wouldn't classify this side of it as Moderate. It is very easy and would be great for children or beginners.

If you access Yellow Belly from the Tin Cup trailhead it has much more of a climb (900 ish feet elevation gain) and would be more like a moderate-ish hike.

Easy trail to Fourth of July and Washington. We stopped at the pond and our kids scrambled up the peak there but kept going to Washington which is spectacular. Beautiful stream with wildflowers on the trail in. Don’t get tricked by the pond- keep going! Washington Lake is bigger than 4th of July and lovely.

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