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This trail has some spectacular views, but the switch backs to the cabin make for a gnarly hike. Bring plenty of water

23 hours ago

Hiked in on Saturday last week and stayed at the lake two nights. We though Sat would be busy but actually, we had the place mostly to ourselves!

We camped on the top of the rock hill on the east side of the lake. That is a great spot unless you like to have water close to camp.

The bugs were pretty bad I guess. I'm never one to complain about bugs but they were persistent for sure. The mosquitos were kinda nonaggressive but there was a lot of them.

This hike and lake are SO beautiful it's just fantastic no matter what.

Don’t miss out on doing this hike if you are in the area! Wildflowers, beautiful views of the Sawtooths, Alpine Lake and Sawtooth Lake are stunning! Challenging at times, but 100% worth it!!

Beautiful amazing trail

1 day ago

This is not an easy trail. To get to the lake there is a hard climb almost straight up.

It was a good chill hike. Was a bit longer hike cause big Smokey creek was rushing so the lower trail was cut off by the creek water was to high to cross. So we had to take the higher tail which made for a good hike.. if you like hot springs give it a try you won’t be disappointed..

Just completed this trip. Did it over the course of two nights but could be done as an overnight if you’re feeling up to it. Camped at Alice lake (best camp spots are towards the end of the lake. If you cross the creek flowing from Twin Lakes there is a nice secluded spot atop a small cliff. Bring your hammock!) Snowyside Pass was clear of snow and the trail was in great condition. Ran into some snow going over the pass to Edith lake but was easily crossed with trekking poles. There is no camping near the shore of Edith for restoration purposes. Please respect this! Camp in the designated camp area just up the trail from the lake. Water is amazing! Make sure to go for a swim.

I would recommend doing the hike clockwise due to the trail from Edith lake back to the car park having stretches where it is dry, heat exposed, and a touch less pretty. Best to be cruising down hill through this section. An absolutely beautiful hike and will 10/10 do it again. *Be prepared for 183,824,198 mosquitoes* Also, thanks to the trail crews for maintaining such an awesome trail!

on Praire Creek Loop

2 days ago

I’m not sure why this trail was given a 1 rating but I strongly disagree. It is a beautiful hike that goes to Prairie Lake. You can make this a loop by including Miner Lake. River crossings may be challenging during spring snow runoff. Most trails maintained by the Forest Service need work due to a lack of funding. The Idaho Trails Association is trying to fill this void by putting together teams every summer to work on trails throughout the state. Visit Idahotrailsassociation.org to view their projects and consider volunteering! It is a great experience.

lovely hike through forests and fields of wildflowers. would rate it only moderately difficult, if that.

park early - we arrived at 10am on a tuesday and snaffled the last spot. no need to pay for parking but you should fill out the hiker registration forms as you begin. didn’t see much wildlife on the trail but the lakes were lovely. lots of people to tip your hat to on the way up and down.

3 days ago

Amazing hike! The boulder chain lakes are amazing and well worth the trip. Devils staircase is a little treacherous and I wouldn’t recommend it to people new to backpacking. Bring your camera and be prepared to take lots of photos.

Hiked this morning, July 15, moderate difficulty. Good shade throughout. May want to wear a pair of light pants and a good portion of the trail has thistle growing at the edge of a narrow path: I had shorts on and was poked a bit but not horribly. Few spots on the end where the steep decent along with fine gravel makes things a bit greasy. Good overall experience

Amazing hike.

Beautiful hike up, crosses streams and creeks the whole way. Pretty easy hike with a good deal of shade. The view up at the lake is very pretty. Bring bug spray!

Great Lake with beautiful views, brought my swim trunks and towel, jumped in the lake and laid out in the sun. What a perfect reward to an awesome hike. I’d say this is an easy hike. Streams and shade through most of the trail giving you plenty to look at along your hike. One of the other reviews said it looked like a “pond”. There is a summit between Fourth of July Lake and Washington Lake, with a small pond. Don’t stop there, you’ll need to keep following trail and hike down to Washington lake. Super easy and not very far. Great hike! Highly recommend.

Beautiful hike! Far from “lightly trafficked” though - got an early start and only saw folks that had backpacked up at the lake. Passed dozens and dozens of folks headed up on our way back down. Don’t forget dog leashes if you have them - leash laws enforced July 1-Labor Day Weekend. A bear crossed our path on the way up but it was more afraid of us and just took off.

Beautiful lake with blue and almost turquoise waters. Snowcapped mountains behind. Wildflowers in bloom. Couple snowy areas to cross, but they are easily passable and crampons were not needed. Perfect weather. Sunny with a light breeze. My GPS watch clocked at just under 10 miles from parking lot to sitting area at Sawtooth Lake & back. Took us 4.5 hours + 1 hour at the lake. Would definitely recommend!

Dispersed campsites on road up to trailhead (get there early - fill up quickly) & pay campground at the trailhead with trash dumpster & potable water.

Short hike to a pristine lake.

Beautiful trail. The wildflower garden in the meadow as you cross Iron Creek before climbing up to Alpine Lake was the most beautiful and extensive that I have seen anywhere! Sawtooth Lake and Goat Lakes are the most scenic of the Sawtooth area. We backpacked on to Observation Peak (trail to the top) for fantastic panoramic Sawtooth views and photos.

Beautiful views! Can go for a short loop or long depending on what you’re feeling. Multiple trails available. We went long and ended up going 10miles. Parking lot was packed, but we didn’t see all that many people on the trail which was nice.

Nice hike along the river of you follow it towards the next most south trail head. Not as much shade as I was hoping for. Pretty vistas of the mountains across the way when you double back

Great moderate trail with a variety of scenery including mountain vistas and hiking along the river. Do it counter clockwise from the trailhead.

Incredible views along this hike. Well worth the trip! The mosquitos were a little too friendly though.

10 days ago

I did a modified version of this loop. Beware that the trail from Patterson Peak to Quiet Lake doesn’t exist - or at least I couldn’t find it. I went from quiet lake over the ridge to four lakes basin. Once again a very steep descent with no clear trail. Mosquitoes at all lakes are very intense and even with bug spray can get very tiresome. I would rate this trail as difficult (at least the first half).

10 days ago

Very busy trail. Hiked up to lower lake in the afternoon. Steady climb all the wa with nice views of surrounding peaks. Had expected to see more wildflowers as we had at Baker Lake that morning. Reached lake at 4pm and there was no one else there. Nice views across the lake and plenty of trout in the lake.

10 days ago

A really nice easy hike through swathes of wildflowers. The lake was relatively quiet as we hiked early but there were several families and groups hiking in ad we made the return...guessing it would have been quite noisy later! Definitely worth the effort to drive up to Baker Lake though just for the wildflowers.

Did this yesterday! Beautiful hike, has everything; creeks, waterfalls, meadows, forest and lakes of course. Pretty easy going until you pass the creeks, keep an eye out for the little trails between the switchbacks if you feel up to it, definitely speeds things up! Still pretty muddy and snowy at the top, made the going a little tough at times. Thankfully the way down is much faster and easier! Got some crazy blisters so dont forget bandaid's, bugspray and sunscreen (got pretty burnt too.)

Went two days ago. Best all-around hike ever. So great. So beautiful.

JULY 6, 2018: got a late start that morning for the hike, it was already starting to get very warm out. the hike was ok, VERY CONFUSING at times (there are a lot of random paths). if you stay on track then you will be fine. i only went up to the first lake (Alpine Lake), which was beautiful! some of my friends continued to Sawtooth Lake, but got lost and said it was a struggle the rest of the way. they said the lake was amazing though.
definitely some uphill switchbacks for a ways, but decent.

Easy trail Beautiful scenery

13 days ago

Stellar views, and not too crowded, even over the 4th. The pass is still snow packed and there’s a narrow cornice to squeeze through, but there are footprints to follow over the snow packed areas where the trail disappears. Be warned, the mosquitoes are appalling, and are biting through bug repellant. They were so bad I turned my 2 nighter into an overnight and knocked out the remainder of the loop in a day.

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