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1 month ago

We loved these falls. Most people we shared the trail with skipped this. In fact, we had the falls to ourselves the whole time we were there. It is a bit of a scramble down to them, but great shady area for a hot day.

You can’t go wrong in Idaho
Disclaimer: I hiked this in late July 2018

This is a great trail I would highly recommended this for anyone that can handle an almost 20mile distance and is in good shape. My friend brought his 16 year old son on this outing and this was his first time doing an overnight backpacking trip and he did it no problem. This is a very high traffic destination, but has Amazing! Scenery and plenty of water for almost the entire hike,all except the last 3to4 miles which has limited shade and will become hot! On your last ascent back to Lake Pettit. Grate Loop,plenty of water,Beautiful scenery and lots of camping spots close to the lakes. P.S bring Bug Spray!!! Mosquitoes will eat you alive after sunset.

I have hiked this trail from both directions... it is hard to have a bad experience either way, but I prefer hiking from Pettit to Alice Lake for the first night, then pass Twin Lakes and over Snowyside Pass, then down to Farley Lake for the 2nd night. The 3rd day is a pretty straightforward hike over tin cup and back to the parking lot at Pettit Lake.

beautiful views and not many people nice afternoon hike

2 months ago

I usually do this one for day hikes and to hike a ridge or 2 in the area above the lake.

2 months ago

Quite easy going into Fourth of July Lake, but you are greeted with spectacular mountains and a beautiful lake.

2 months ago

Enjoy this hike best in the springtime. Great day hike.

off trail
2 months ago

this trail hikes up on a ridge. you can smell the wild flowers! amazing views. not entirely difficult, just a few breaks. end is great view!

4 months ago

Amazing area, good first backpacking trip hike/ location!

Nice trip! Really nice trip! Hiked counter clockwise to toxaway lake the first day. The second day we took a day trip up sand mountain pass, over to Imogene and Edith lakes. Got back to camp faster than expected so fished on toxaway all afternoon and spent our second night there. Day 3 headed to Alice lake and wow! There are two sites that are towards the end of the lake and they are worth getting there early! Amazing! Swam for a while then fished all evening. We all caught nice size Brooke’s. Day 4 out was a bit longer than expected but a nice finish to the trip

Went in late August and weather was pretty chilly, mid 30s at night

5 months ago

I hiked this through the snow with my parents (in their 60s) on November 10th and it was beautiful! We got to the end and the fog lifted, giving us an amazing view of the Sawtooth Range. Its an easy trail, even when it has 4-5 inches of snow on the ground and its 25 degrees outside.

5 months ago

Beautiful and not too challenging. Last part of hike is right along the river

Gorgeous views, lakes, waterfalls, everything a great backpacking trip consists of! Wow!!! Breathtaking!

Wow! First weekend in November and a perfect day to Hike. Last Mile had about 5 or 6 big switchbacks and took a little longer getting up that part, but so worth the view.

Not my favorite hike but it was definitely well worth it. Don’t be discouraged by the lack of trees from a wildfire in August. To access the hike you must drive 10 miles on a dirt road, and then you’ll hit the trailhead (this is a nicely maintained dirt road). The trailhead was beautifully maintained. It was about 50° with some patches of snow and a tiny bit of ice on Oct 26, 2018. We were the only hikers their, so it was nice to see a trail without a lot of people. 4th Of July Lake is beautiful. We did the aprox 3.6 mile round trip hike in about 90 mins.

Beautiful country. I've done this hike in segments, the latest being a hike into Farley Lake via Yellowbelly Lake and then a trail run the next day from Farley to Toxaway. Great weather in September and an ideal time to hike the Sawtooths. I also did a scramble off trail part way up Imogene Peak. I don't think it would have been too difficult, time permitting, to summit that one from Farley Lake. Earlier, I've gone from Alturas to Twin Lakes. The Sawtooths are a little slice of heaven on earth. Dogs are leashed during certain times of the year though not too many people follow those rules.

I hiked from Pettite Lake to Alice Lake on 06/28/2018. Almost July and the trail above Alice Lake was still snowed in. Woke up the next morning with ice on my tent fly. Two fast water crossings without logs or bridge.

By far one of my favorite trails in the area.

Fantastic hike completed in ten hours. First snow of the year with beautiful fall colors. Trail names (numbers not referenced) are well marked.

6 months ago

Brought my father-in-law here and loved this trail. He is agrees it’s one of the best hikes he’s done in his life! I’m looking forward to doing this again and backpacking further!

It is not lightly trafficked July, August

Amazing views. Friendly people on the trail.

Very little snow at the top, amazing lakes. This is one of my fav hikes I've ever done. Would make sure you bring waterproof hiking boots though since the trail was a little muddy and wet

mountain biking
6 months ago

Eastern leg is mostly uphill and moderately techical. Great view of canyon. Western leg is easy downhill. Loop near start is not accurate. No loop there. That trail goes somewhere else according to hikers that are familar.

This is one of my all time favorite hikes in Stanley! I highly recommend heading down to Alpine Lake on the way to Sawtooth. It's a must see! The hike had great views after the 2nd mile or so and they just kept getting better. If you go in July make sure to bring mosquito spray! They definately do get pretty gnarly especially around the water or in the evenings. Other than the kamikaze mosquitos, he hike is beautiful. Highly reccomend!

Very easy hike. Nice view in the lake.

on Norton Lakes

6 months ago

Uphill the entire time. The view is worth it though. We went pretty slow and it took us 1.5 hours to get up and 1 hour to get down.

We did this hike in three days in the last weekend in June. The weather was perfect and we would absolutely do this again. Like other reviewers, I also recommend hiking clockwise due to the hotter, dryer, final stretch back to Pettite (Pet-it). We stayed camped at Alice and Toxaway Lake and after doing the full hike, would definitely stay at those two lakes if we ever did this again.
Things to note: 1. You cross a river about 5/6 times. I strongly recommend having chocos or some other very secure, sturdy sandal to change in to when doing this. or at least be prepared to change socks or something.
2. Toxaway lake had approx. 500 Billion mosquitos- Deet is an absolute must.
3. There is snow at the top of this trail-I was SO grateful for my trekking poles at this point. Also pants.
4. There is a point on the way back to the car where the trail forks and there is the worst possible signage situation happening. It is towards the end, and you have the option to keep going straight or take a sharp right turn, as though your going back in the direction that you just came from, and you need to take that. You'll have some last minute up-hill action and then you'll drop back down towards pettit.

Please don't be the people that are leaving trash in the mountains. take out what you bring in. And have fun!

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