Priest Lake State Park lies just 30 miles from the Canadian Border, nestled deep below the crest of the Selkirk Mountains. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Northern Idaho and mile-high mountains, Priest Lake State Park sits along the eastern shores of Priest Lake, a 19-mile long, over 300 foot deep lake. Visitors to the park will enjoy the dense forests of cedar, fir and tamarack and will be able to observe the park's year round inhabitants such as the whitetail deer, black bear, moose and bald eagles. Noted for its extremely clear water, fed by streams cascading from the high Selkirk peaks, the main body of Priest Lake extends north south for 19 miles. A two-mile thoroughfare connects the main lake to the remote Upper Priest Lake that is accessible only by foot, mountain bike, or boat.

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I’ve hiked this trail my whole life as a kid and teen. It was fun to take my family to the rock waterslides. We took our 7 year old who hiked in and out the whole way. We took our 4 year old who needed to. E carried part of the way. The trail is totally doable for a family with little kids. There are many creeks to cross even one that’s knee deep in late August. We hike in water shoes to avoid putting hiking boots on and off. The trail head is easy to find and it’s a great easy hike to the slides and waterfall.

Fun easy family hike with lots of places to splash and play.

Beautiful hike! Easy, marked, and offers some of the best scenic views! Once you hit the rock slides you can keep going up to a beautiful waterfall! We do this hike EVERY year.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

One of our favorite hikes in the Summer. Start early. Bring a pack with a jacket and plenty of water. Most important a good attitude.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Great, easy hike that leads you to camping on the sandy beaches.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The loop on the map is the parking lot. This is an easy flat path that winds through an old cedar and pine forest. The trail is an easy mountain bike trail. The trail is straight north up to the southwest corner of Upper Priest Lake and up along the west bank as far as you like. You can actually swing around the east side and come south but unless you want to swim across the passage(That's the creek that connects both lakes) you will have to have another vehicle waiting on that side.

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