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trail into lake either direction is in perfect shape. lots of hard work has obviously gone in to clearing deadfall. trails to the bomber crash site were in horrible condition. watch for Mamma Moose and baby at crash site. very very marshy conditions. in mid -late July. at upper end of lake.

5 days ago

Go early in the year to experience the runoff pools around the dam at the end of the trail. Felt tropical! Good for dogs and kids.

9 days ago

Good for kids and dogs as long as neither are prone to jump in rapids. Beautiful hike. Partial shade. Moderately trafficked.

Hiked 7-14 thru 7-16 and camped at the head of the lake. Snow is all clear, some flat areas are still wet/muddy. Lake is high this year, likely that the sandy beach will be water covered until next year.

Great hike, moderately strenuous just due to the short nature. It is uphill both ways, just like like my grandpa's walk to school. Totally worth either a day hike or an overnight.

on Loon Lake Loop Trail

11 days ago

Please note-- at the fork in the road, left goes through the meadows, but right goes through the steeper area. The map for this follows the right turn.

The trail was green, filled with wildflowers, bunchgrass, large conifers, and some small shrubs. Various bird calls, some deer, no large wildlife. Trail was exceedingly well maintained-- at least 5 bridges built to allow crossing, and some land-bridges built, too, over aluminum piping. Temperature was 70-80. We counted about 10-15 bug bites apiece when we got back to the car.

4 vacant camping spots up here-- only a 1 mile walk in. lots of available firewood for anyone with a little muscle.

mountain biking
13 days ago

Nice well maintained trail. Very busy on weekends with hikers and bikers though.

trail running
16 days ago

This is a beautiful little hike. Started at 6pm. Ran, hiked, it. The falls are about 1/4 mile past the wooden bridge. Take the left fork. I was too busy trying to catch my sun that I went the wrong way for a bit. Anyway beautiful view of a decent sized waterfall. Ran, hiked it back up. Pretty steep and invigorating. Oh ya, 85% shaded so perfect for a hot summer afternoon.

17 days ago

Great trip, bring lots of bug spray, too many bugs. Overall a great hike.

We hiked this last year in June 2016. We hiked to the bomber which was a challenge. The water was high and we had to cross two rivers. It worked out because there were a lot of downed trees we had to hike over so the cold water was a welcome. If you're up for an adventure I'd say do it!! It took us from start to finish with a few resting points about 6 hours.

trail running
18 days ago