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Great hike. We saw a mountain lion footprint in the snow right on the trail. At about 1.5 miles, there are some switchbacks with large rocks covering the trail. Keep going, you'll pick up the trail again. At that point you are about 1/2 mile from Upper Boulder Lake. Lower Boulder Lake was empty in mid-October, but the Upper lake was still full-ish.

Definitely my favorite trail in the McCall area. The hike was tough but the views were totally worth it. Mid October was the perfect time to go as we got to experience all of the fall colors and got to see snow at the lake.

Kids loved it.

on Louie Lake Trail

10 days ago

Fun quick hike, Great views.

Great trail with a beautiful destination! Highly recommend!

The road to the trailhead is not well marked, so watch closely for FS 316.

Loved this hike especially in the Fall. The colors were out of this world. Louie Lake was especially gorgeous as were the fall colors. Beware that the hike is not well marked. We luckily did not get lost but you easily could. Make sure you bring a map with you as there is not much signage.

The views of the lake are beautiful and the trail was well marked, pretty inclined but worth it. Definitely a quick and short hike well worth the views. I would highly recommend continuing on and doing the Boulder Lake loop to really make the hike worth while if you have time.

Beautiful terrain, vibrant fall colors, and the perfect temp! We went counter clock-wise...headed to Louie Lake first. This is about 2 miles of great cardio and glute work! The only really confusing part was finding the trail at Boulder Lake going to Boulder Lake reservoir- there is a broken wooden bridge, completely caved in at the middle- go around this but start back up at the other side of the broken bridge and follow the trail to the left. The trail continues after you walk across some rocks- this trail was difficult for us to find. Thankfully a family was able to direct us in the right direction!!

24 days ago

So beautiful!!! End of September the leaves are all changing color and it was breath taking. Definitely a steep trek and there is loose dirt and gravel so be careful going down. We had the whole trail and lake all to ourselves. There’s a beach area at the lake to relax. The drive up to the trail head is a dirt road but not difficult to drive at all. Enough parking for about 6 cars. Would definitely recommend!

27 days ago

had a great day with my family not to hard of a trial.. just the climbing up the mountain sucks but the view makes it all worth it

28 days ago

Great hike with the family, fishing was wonderful. it's a trophy trout lake 2 over 20 inches and barb-less hooks with no bait. flys work great got two nice trout with wolly buggers.

28 days ago

Nice trail to a large dramatic falls! Fast downhill hike to the creek and a fun scramble down the rocks to the base of the falls. We met some people who hiked up to the falls from the other direction, a campground off of 55 I believe. I have not tried the hike in that direction.

28 days ago

great day hike!

29 days ago

Nice hike in the fall, with colors. Fairly steady uphill, with a good portion on dirt road shared by road vehicles. Trailhead was a little difficult to find, but it is marked by a sign about 40 yards to the right of a concrete bathroom being installed. Google maps got me to the right place, and All Trails was useful in locating the actual trailhead. My only regret was finding no mention in online descriptions of the road condition to reach the trailhead - fine for Jeeps, trucks, and sport utilities, but not so good for a low clearance road vehicle.

1 month ago

beautiful views and a great workout

Great hike. Anyone can do it if you are up right.

1 month ago

Perfect way to stretch your legs out a little! Beautiful!

Great hike if you only have a few hours in McCall. The trail is all downhill to the falls, so be prepared for the uphill return. Beautiful scenery and worth the hike.

Bring water with you, or a purifier. The only water source is at the falls.. Enjoy!

really enjoyable loop with variable terrain and a lot of shade. Did this hike with my 70 yr old parents. with regular breaks and about 45 minutes spent at each lake, our total time was closer to 6 1/2 hours. The trail to Louie from boulder is a few hundred feet past end of lake and marked by a cairn(pile of rocks) that starts with a fairly steep climb

1 month ago

Backpacked in over Labor Day weekend. We went counter-clockwise, starting with crossing the bridge at the trailhead. Trails were well maintained, but exposed because of the fire, so it was HOT.
Once we got to the loop to go to the plane, the trails were a disaster. Continuing counter-clockwise there's a fallen tree that you have to climb over about every 5 feet or so, and then if you go the other way it's a complete marsh with no clear trail and even more deadfall to climb and navigate over. Kind of an ass-kicker on the way back, but that's probably because our morning started with 1.5 hours of navigating through the marsh and deadfall so we were already tired.
Fun trip though, plane was cool.

1 month ago

Fun hike with my dog. Getting to the base of the falls was challenging, but more than worth the effort.

pretty cool app!

great place. was quite a few people when we went couldnt get to the bigger pools they were packed with people... but we found a small one and the kids enjoyed it still!

This was an interesting hike. The hike in was good, but the downhill right after you go over the crest of the ridge at 1.5 miles is fairly steep in spots and has loose rock. What is nice to go down is very tiring going back up. The last part of the trail just before the lake is hard to locate so we ended up climbing over boulders thinking it was the path. At times we were not sure we were on the right Trails and a few more trail markets would have been beneficial. The lake was beautiful and we were the only ones there...finally met some others on our hike back out. It didn't appear to be moderately trafficked, but seemed like only a few had taken on the challenge.

it was a nice trail. Very busy over Labor Day weekend. Except for the first steep downhill section it was pretty easy overall.

great scenery and very peaceful
great swim in the falls!

awesome trail. my 7 year old son, 2 year old daughter my wife and I enjoyed it.

1 month ago

This is our go-to easy one night backpack destination especially when we are introducing new backpackers to the sport. It's a pretty short, reasonably easy hike with a really great reward for minimal effort (doing it as an out-back only to Boulder Lake - about 2 miles in to the lake). There is a nice campsite to the left as you approach the lake - basically at the base of the granite wall. It's the end of the trail so pretty private (except the little critters). We were treated to a graceful display of flight by bats - they were busy keeping the area bug free and putting on a fabulous show for us.

on Box Lake Trail

1 month ago

We set up base camp here for 3 nights and did day hikes in both directions on Crestline Trail - this is really a lovely lake with amazing white sand beach. It's really only about 2.5 miles to the south end of the lake where the beach is. There was a bit of uphill but I would rate this moderate to hard. The distance is pretty short and there are many places where the trail levels out after a good climb, so it's not too bad. The trail is in good shape to box lake - nothing scary or sketchy but a good effort. After Box Lake it gets a bit sketchy - lots of downed trees (look for the downed trees that have obviously been cut to mark the trail) - but nothing scary. Lots of nearby lakes within 7-10 miles for your day hikes - including a lovely view of McCall and Payette lake.

people from Texas boyght most of that moutain and torn down the tubs and shacks around the hot springs. and NOW its all prkvate property so hard to get to.

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