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1 day ago

great hike
waterfall and creek provided
great views
I hiked to the goose creek campground and back up to the snowmobile parking area
below average rocks to negotiate on the trail
hike back up is intense
moderate overall hike

Didn’t hike the full loop, just to the lake and back. Lots of tiny streams to cross and rocks to climb on which kept the kids (6 & 3) interested. Could use a little more signage but overall a nice day hike. We will be back for the full loop the next time we visit McCall.

2 days ago

Great hike! Beautiful wildflowers, solid incline, and well maintained trail. Only took an afternoon to complete!

Very nice trail. While rated as moderate, my kids would disagree with that...the first section of the trail (I think we did it backwards) is pretty strenuous. The first 3-4 miles. Lots of uphill followed by lots of downhill. But the views are worth the sweat. Absolutely beautiful! Enjoy this one.

Beautiful hike. Go in the morning to avoid people.

Went clockwise around trails perfect day hike and plane wreckage was amazing to see! Too me 4 hours with a short sandwich stop.

Beautiful hike! Lake was full of fish

It’s a long drive up through the mountains. We found the hot springs but the shacks and tubs were gone. The hot spring is boil from the ground, it’s extremely hot. It’s also on private property. Hopefully they make it into a resort or something.
July 2018

10 days ago

This trail is awesome and we can’t wait to do it again. We backpacked up to the lake and stayed the night. The hike to the lake took us 2:15 to get to the lake and 1:45 to make it back. FYI, No snow in July.

Readers need to take note of the intervals of the contour lines. The intervals on the map are large and if your not aware the map can be deceiving.

There are several excellent campsites on the south side of the lake (3 established sites right on the lake and 2-3 about 50 meters off the lake). There is a beach on the south sound of the lake that is perfect for swimming. We were planning on camping on the north side but couldn’t find the trail so we stayed on the south side of the lake.

We hiked the summit west of the lake for fun. There wasn’t a trail so se just scaled the mountain for a fun day hike.

If you feel like hiking in a fishing pole in, there were a lot of fish jumping in the lake during the morning hours.

Bring bug spray!

12 days ago

It's a hard hike back for beginners. being that it's all up hill. It's difficult to get to the bottom of falls. The trail ends at a large steep rock. the climb down to bottom of falls should only be down if you steady footed. The bridge has a beautiful view and very small pool to soak your feet. Beautiful views the whole way and very shaded.

trail running
17 days ago

Amazing scenery

19 days ago

One of my favorite hikes I have done. Had a bachelor hike for my twin brother. It's almost up hill the whole way up. Amazing scenery the entire way. Once you get to the top were you can see the lake it's a step trail all the way to the lake. Very rewarding hike. I would rate this difficult. because of the elevation gain in 3.5 miles. I will be hiking this trail again. Just remember its down hill once you hike back out of the lake.

Hiked yesterday great workout view of lakes are amazing. More signs would be nice trail can be confusing at time but would do it again for sure

Great hike today with perfect weather. Approximately an hour in and a bit longer on the way out. The road had just been graded.

Ended up on the trailhead for boulder when looking for a different trail but what I great hike! Only did the up and back instead of the full loop which is a great little day hike and really covered the whole way which will make it perfect for hotter weeks ahead. Not overly trafficked but you’re also never alone. Some parts very steep so for a quick 2 mile jaunt up there you still get a decent work out. Stunning views both of river along the way and the final lake

mountain biking
22 days ago

It’s ok, most of the trail is very rocky, wide road used for atv , trail better after getting to top elevation.

Went clockwise past Boulder and then up past Louie. The trail was clear the whole way and in pretty good shape! This is a great day hike for anyone visiting the McCall area.

great view! worth the drive

Loved hiking into this forest with a raging rapid river along the way. At the end of the trail we saw a mighty waterfall from the river! So beautiful and scenic.

One of my favorites!

1 month ago

Hiked in to Boulder Lake weekend of 6/1 for the night. Still fallen trees to climb over along the trail, and plenty of snow to trek through along the south side of the lake. The best overnight backpacking trip within distance of the Boise area that can easily be extended to a multi day trip with use of the lakes farther along the trail (Summit, Rapid, Box).

1 month ago

Good hike, my 7 yr old hiked it with me, still snow at the top and leading down to the lake. Lots of dead trees but it was pretty in its own way. We stopped where you could see the lake, too much snow and too steep to go down to the lake. A month from now should be good to go. Will do this hike again later.

1 month ago

Difficult hike for beginners but I promise the views are so worth the climb out!!

The road up to the trailhead is a dirt road, very bumpy for about 1.5 miles before the trailhead. Bathroom 20 min drive before trailhead.

At the end of May, the access road was still covered in snow that couldn’t be cleared probably by any vehicle, and the bathroom at the trailhead was still locked.

We hiked up the road from Box Lake trailhead anyways, because we were feeling like go-getters and had come all the way, and decided to camp at Duck Lake. Only about a 1/3 of the trail was covered in snow, mainly the portion closest to Duck Lake, and a thin layer of ice was still covering half the lake’s surface.

No sight of bears. Tons of giant fallen trees covering the trail and access road. According to Payette National Forest site, this trail hasn’t been maintained since summer 2016, but scheduled for July of this year. We’ll definitely return again to cover the whole route to Loon Lake once the conditions are better. Contrary to the info other sites offer about this trail (best season starting in March), it is obviously still not in season by May.

1 month ago

beautiful hike!

We went clockwise. Between Louie and Boulder lakes there was quite a bit of snow still on the trail. Great views and trail was in good shape otherwise.

It’s Memorial Day weekend and we actually ended up here after not being able to find the trailhead we wanted! We made this out & back for 4 miles, but enjoyed it immensely! The trail was definitely popular and had young kids to some older adults on it, and a lot of dogs!
It was great with our dog because there were quite a few streams of water he could take a sip from along the way. The Boulder Lake still had ice on it in the shade when we arrived. Some steep sections, and, as the name implies, boulders. I would recommend close-toed shoes, but I did see folks with Chacos.

Not technically a “hike” but it is an incredibly awesome hot springs. There are two small pools that are usually full of people. The water is great and it is relaxing. Definitely going back.

The trail head is super easy to find and there is a ton of parking. The trail is almost 95% shaded the entire way to the falls. Like others have said, the way into the falls is pretty much all down hill which makes the way back up hill. But it isn't too bad. Had my 8 and 6 year old daughters do the whole thing without issue.

All in all a great little hike with an impressive waterfall. Spring is great for seeing all the run off coming down these falls.

Trail is in full sun. Early May the wild flowers are amazing, but the hotsprings are chilly due to high water. Check for thunderstorm possibilities. Being out in a burn with high winds and lightening may not be everyone's idea of adventure.

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