Strenuous, but worth it! Very neat to observe the changes in the ecosystem as you gain elevation. It was cloudy up top and we couldn't see more than 20ft, but I imagine the views are spectacular on a clear day. The descent offers pretty great views of the reservoir.

on Oregon Trail

25 days ago

I like this one. It's a short, pretty hike with a few inclines. lots of families and dogs around. fun walk without leaving town.

Interesting area for those Interested in the Oregon Trail, like myself. Easy trail, nothing challenging, except dodging the piles of dog crap in and along the trail. I think it must be a popular place to take your dog. Gross.

mormon cricketville

2 months ago

There's nothing really bad about this trail beyond its brevity. Honestly, it should be reclassified as child easy since there are virtually no inclines/declines and the terrain in gentle. The bird population is somewhat interesting and near the cliff you can see a decent amount of activity. There are allegedly hawks but I didn't see any my day here. Another big plus to this trail is there were no Mormon crickets which is almost unheard of on desert trails in the valley. Overall it was fun for me and a good trail for someone not seeking any real challenge.

3 months ago

Always wanted to go from Warm Springs road to the timber in the mountains. Very rewarding hike.

Great trail nice overlook of Boise definitely hard nice incline

trail running
3 months ago

descent views and open trails, could make a longer loop with side trails.

4 months ago