Photos of Nezperce National Forest Birding Trails

4 months ago

EASY TRAIL MY REAR END....this isn't an easy trail, I dont know why it says it is. you have to drive up this gravel road for a while as your driving up this mountain, not bad. of course GPS and all trails is not very accurate, your going up a mountain. so, when you get to the beginning of the trail, that's where the incline starts. the whole way up is an incline. there's a lot of downed trees and burned stumps and trees. the trail is pretty narrow. there's a few places that the trail jets off in different directions. I'd look at GPS and all trails to make sure I'm on the right path and, they both showed me off the main trail but going in the correct direction. your up on a mountain, GPS wont be very accurate. the whole way up is an incline hike that eventually tires your legs, I had to stop a few times. I dont see bringing kids on this hike. again, it's not an easy hike. half way up, I heard a grunt, I looked to my right and, this black thing ran off into the trees. wasn't sure what it was, I got a tiny glimpse and it was quick. I had ideas that I didn't want to think about but, I was nervous the rest of the way up. later as I was talking to the locals, they said yeah, we were warned that black bears might be in the area. I eventually reached the top and, I was hoping to see snow capped mountains but, there was way too much smoke from the fires in glacier national park. but, the other side on top was more clear and, you got to see the vastness and awe of how high you were up. it was also kind of windy. despite the smoke, the views were still pretty awesome. its a good hike up, I'd say not for kids and, not easy but, still pretty cool.