Oregon Trail emigrants referred to the Massacre Rocks area as "Gate of Death" and "Devil's Gate", but modern day travelers use terms like beautiful, serene, and restful to describe the park. The park is rich in Oregon Trail, geological, and natural histories. Rich in history, pioneers used this area, specifically what is now referred to as Register Rock as a rest stop for years. Today we invite horse owners to water and rest their animals in the corral at Register Rock. Many emigrant names are inscribed on the large rock, which is now protected by a weather shelter. A scenic picnic area surrounds the rock, creating a desert oasis for the modern traveler. The site also includes a horse rest area for highway travelers. Oregon Trail remnants are most easily seen from highway rest areas in either end of the park. For additional information on the Oregon Trail visit the Three Island Crossing State Park page and the Oregon/California Trail Center website.

Nice views of the river and landscapes. Easy going. Trail can be accessed from the westbound rest area. Really nice place to stretch your legs.