The area is absolutely beautiful, but there are little winding bits of trail all over and none of them are marked. The main gravel road had informational signs and mile markers regularly, but there is nothing along the trails themselves and nothing at the main park stops that tell you where the official trail heads are. There was a print-out map there so I used that and got royally lost on what was supposed to be a clear in-out trail according it. There are constant forks, splits and dead ends all over as well as defunct service roads - none of which are on their map. So what looks like a few clear trails is more of a spiderweb of paths and you're left guessing which is the 'right' one just to go the direction you'd originally headed out in. I had expected some sort of organization on-site but there simply wasn't any; I won't head out there again without either a proper map/compass or a GPS.