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The Kaniksu National Forest is a U.S. National Forest located in northeastern Washington, the Idaho panhandle, and northwestern Montana.

Enjoyable trail!

This hike was amazing!!!!!!
I highly recommend this hike to anyone who wants to fish or hike two to 3miles. It was a beautiful trail. If you are looking for a good up hill trail, that is well worth walking, you just found it.

Great hike, but the trail above the lake is a little bit overgrown (still easy to follow though).

on Mickinnick Trail

5 days ago

I would also rate this as difficult because of the steep inclines the first two miles...just as hard coming down. Lots of loose rocks on the trail. When you get to the top it’s kind of anti-climatic, no signage stating you’re at the top, just a couple of benches. However,a very self satisfying hike!

Very mellow hike with multiple lakes and beautiful views. Highly recommend

Beautiful hike! Beautiful lake. Nice mix of of up hill and some nice flat spots too. We thought it was about 8 miles round trip even though it says it’s 5.7 my body says it was longer.

8 days ago

I would call this a difficult trail as the entire trail is "up hill" and the path can be loose rocks quite a bit of it. But it was beautiful and had a great view of the lake.

8 days ago

great hike! highly recommend for hikers!

I've been wanting to hike this a while and it did not disappoint. Moderate or Difficult is a relative thing. It was my first hike in a while and that last mile up was not easy for me. However, my wife and son breezed right up. Good wake up call to get my endurance back and start running again. Anyway, it's a very nice hike with great views of Chimney Rock and then Harrison Lake at the top. You'll scale some flat rock face so I'd highly recommend good "grippy" trail shoes. No tennis shoes or open toed hikers.

Great views!

13 days ago

3.7 mi on my fitbit with 2100 ft gain. Took me 2 hrs plus. Trail is in excellent condition. Some steep grades but I agree with moderate rating. Views would be superb but for the smoke from fires. Train horns are continuous.

13 days ago

Wonderful trail. Good elevation gain and great views. Went in May last time and the mosquitoes were brutal, but still a fun and challenging trail.

14 days ago

We clocked 7 miles even round trip. Beautiful hike with an abundance of views! Not overly crowded. In fact mid-afternoon on a Sunday and we only shared the lake with two other hikers. Bring a suit and jump in and stay awhile, you've earned a swim after that elevation gain. We weren't sure how to get to the second lake but heard/read it was a scramble over the ridge so we opted to save that experience for a day we had more time. My only advice is to watch for the cairns and follow them when granite takes over trail. They are there for a reason and will lead you right to the lake.

horseback riding
14 days ago

It’s a good trail but a bit tough. Your going to want an experienced horse if you are riding. Or be in shape if hiking. There is some ups and downs and both Trout Lake and Fisher Lake have steep, rocky pitches coming down into the lake, with amazing lake views.
There appeared to be a lot of fish jumping at Fisher Lake and that’s where we had our lunch, sitting on the rocks. Beautiful.
We rode in on July 28, 2018. A day trip only. I believe it’s about 5 miles to Fisher Lake.

14 days ago

If youre looking for a nice day hike this is definitely one to consider. There was a lot of people there and the t rails lead through everyone's campsites so expect people to walk by you if you're camping. The trail, as mentioned before, has a lot of loose rock. Just pay attention on the way back down. The hike was easy up, nothing too crazy.

Very short, flat, mild. Maybe a quarter-mile.

Trees are incredible. Giant Cedars, some hallow.

Pros: Easy hike to lake, sheltered, surrounding mountains are accessible without too much scrambling
Cons: Lake Darling itself is, in my opinion , underwhelming, and mosquitos can be a big problem
I did this hike in 2013 Summer, for a group overnight backpacking trip. It was selected due to ease of access, but I was , overall, not impressed. The driving to the trail head took a while, and the trail was relatively easy, with gradual incline, but our stay at the lake itself was rather unpleasant. Despite being a higher elevation lake, Lake Darling is effectively a flooded meadow, and a good part of the shore is grassy and moist. Too many of the potential camp sites are in this grassy area, and we experienced a ton of Mosquitos at night, and I ended up getting Giardia from the muddy water, despite thinking it was purifed (we did run it through filters). The area also lacks some of the magnificent rock-fall that makes so many Idaho Lakes appealing, so in my opinion, there are much better options for hiking to lakes in the region. 2/5 stars.

14 days ago

This trail certainly earns it high rating, but as previous commenters have mentioned, it is not for those that may be out of shape or injured. It is roughly 5.7 miles up, and the same distance down, and while the ascent is , for the most part, gradual, there are some long rock faces you have to cover, and the trail was marked by cairns (rock piles) when we went up. Aside from this section, the trail is mostly shaded, but can be hot in summer time , so bring water, and a filter if you want to fill up at the lake. Beehive Lake itself has some amazing vantage points, as there are some impressive sheer rock faces creating a backdrop to the water, and then where the creek flows out are some lookouts that give expansive views of the valley of Pack River, and the Roman Nose peak area. There are campsites by the lake, but some of the ground may be swampy certain times of year, and we did encounter some mosquitoes, so bug repellent may be warranted. The access road is very drivable, even for a generic car, though poor weather may affect this scenario.

Beautiful hike up to Snow Lake. The hike wasnt too difficult but was fairly long and time consuming. We encountered a few hikers on the way up but otherwise had the lake to ourselves.

15 days ago

Incredible hike.

trail was well maintained and well marked. Impossible to get lost. The road was accessible with any vehicle.

There are 5+ unoccupied camp spots at the top of the lake right now.

Just so you are clear-- the route is 5.7 miles up, and also 5.7 back for a total of 12 miles. Also-- if it is raining this hike would be entirely impassable because of the glaciated rockfaces.

17 days ago

Great hike. You have to hike up the logging road past the locked gate about 1.3 miles to the trailhead. Some downed trees over trail but easy to maneuver over. Still a lot of water running across the trail if you have dogs. Beautiful views. Bring bug spray!

Definitely not a hike for beginners, and I wouldn’t bring kids either. Gorgeous views all the way up. There’s loose boulders almost the entire way- I’m thankful I decided not to wear tennis shoes. Some boots with nice traction saved me from a couple ankle twists. About the last mile or so has a steep incline and isn’t marked well but the app was helpful and accurate for us. The lake and views are gorgeous at the end.

My husband, my 2 boys, ages 13 and 7, and I hiked to Bottleneck on Saturday July 21,2018. I was pleasantly surprised that the trail was quite easy with very few, if any, steep pitches. I had to rest a few times about 1/2 way through in the middle section. But otherwise it was very moderate. It took aprox 2 hours up and 1 hour down. It’s 3 miles to Bottleneck, exactly, according to my fitmax watch.
The lake was quite charming. We liked the first camp spot off to the left. Very nice spot with open views of Lake. Fishing was mediocre. Huckleberries weren’t ripe yet.
I usually ride horse and have been to Snowlake that way a few years ago. That is a nice trail as well, with similar views.
I would recommend Bottleneck for afternoon hikers, families, horses, and mt bikes.

Two out of shape ladies with dogs made a two day trip . We spent the first night at Snow Lake. That was a climb, but absolutely worth it. So grateful for the lake as we didn’t have to pack as much water. We hiked to Bottleneck lake for the second night. I was not as impressed with the campsite. It was a shame to see all the broken glass, but my dog loved the easy access to the lake. Well worth the hike to see both lakes. The trails are easy to follow and work has been done by the forest service to angle the flow of water coming off the mountain. I am highly impressed and my dog and I will be back.

21 days ago

Beautiful abundance of wild flowers!

21 days ago

Looking for an adventure? Look no farther than Harrison Lake in North Idaho. This trail is perfect for all levels of hiker, as well as dogs and kiddos. Ranked as moderate, I found the trail pretty easy aside from the final mile right before reaching the lake. With a good pair of (waterproof) hiking boots and perhaps a good set of trekking poles, the majority of the trail was very manageable. The only problem I encountered was my own...I tend to struggle with dragging my feet which was somewhat of a burden on this trail due to loose boulders and rocks just waiting for you to stub your toes on.

But in all honesty, the Harrison Lake Trail No 217 has a bit of everything. Views of the Beehive Dome, Bottleneck Peak and Roman Nose accompany you on the slight grade uphill through the subalpine fir and spruce trees to the alpine lake a little under two and a half miles ahead. The last mile is a slight scramble up a granite face which could result in confusion with following the trail. Just look for the perfectly placed rock cairns along the way and you can't go wrong.

You'll know you've reached the lake once you start seeing the tents scattered along the trailside. Even in the snow, we saw at least half a dozen campers setting up their sites for the weekend. Wind your way through the random boulders to the water and be sure to take pause to see the clarity of the frigid lake...something I'm sure my pup and I would have been tempted to jump into had it been later in the summer.

22 days ago

Not easy for kids. The trail itself towards the top became difficult as we had to walk on rock face. Some parts were large loose rock as well. This would be a nice hike without kids but definitely not for beginners. Would also be awesome for camping and fishing. Very beautiful once you make it to the top. Took my husband, 2 year old, 11 month old (carried most of the way), and myself 2 hours to get to the top and about an hour and half to get down.

22 days ago

Great Lake to backpack and climb twin peaks, also just over the north ridge there is a awesome little lake called Little Harrison.

Fabulous hike. The lake this thawed and beautiful. Full of fish ready to be caught. Many camping site. Highly trafficked. We hiked to top of twin peaks the hard way I guess. Bushwhacked right up the face. But we made it. Great day amazing views. Can’t wait to take the family. Hike is pretty easy for any semi fit person. .

scenic driving
23 days ago

I drove up to Roman Nose Lakes yesterday to scout it for an upcoming hike with a friend. The bridge closure is easily circumvented by going into Bonner's Ferry northbound on Highway 95 and turning left just before crossing the Kootenai River Bridge. The road goes through the old downtown section and then along the river, and finally crosses the Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge. Ignore several signs saying that Snow Creek Bridge is closed, as you needn't cross it going this way. When you get to the mountainside on the refuge after crossing the flats, take a left onto a dirt road and go a couple of miles until you get to the closed bridge. Snow Creek Road goes up the hill at this point and you can drive all the way to the lakes. Smoke from fires in Washington was bad down in the valley, but thinned out up high.

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