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The Kaniksu National Forest is a U.S. National Forest located in northeastern Washington, the Idaho panhandle, and northwestern Montana.

Still significant snow around the 3 mile mark. Probably made it to about 1/4 mile from the summit before we decided to turn around. Could definitely do it with snowshoes or crampons. Day was overcast and rainy so no spectacular views. Beautiful and well maintained trail otherwise!! Would love to come back on a clear day with all the right gear!

19 days ago

Nice hike, with a good steady incline and pretty clear trail. We started to hit some light snow in spots at the 2 mile mark and got deeper about 20min after that, at which point we turned around.

Beautiful hike, made it to just past the 2 mile mark before there was to much snow for my liking. Some mud and streams to cross.

24 days ago

Surprised lots of snow still at top still on boulders(2-3' on them). no trail unless you count my waist deep footprints and crawling path. recommend snow shoes not snow in your shoes, shoes.

1 month ago

This hike was beautiful! There wasn’t a lot of shade in the middle half of the trail, so bring sunscreen!

Lots more snow the farther you go! Yak trax were perfect until about 1.5 miles up and I switched to snowshoes.

This was a fairly difficult trail with good elevation gain. It was well maintained, but due to snow we did lose the trail near the top for a few minutes and had to improvise. Made it to the top however and down to the first two lakes where we camped for the night before making our way back out in the morning. We heard a bear growl/roar echo off the cliff face in the distance (probably at the next mountain lake over) and had a large hoofed visiter in the night pass on by. All in all a great hike!

3 months ago

Just hike it with some snow. A lot of switchbacks. Beautiful area

Took the family on a snow hike. Nice trail, good views. Nothing overly difficult (at least for as far as we went (maybe 1.5 before turning around)

3 months ago

Hiked this trail many times in the non winter months, so this was my first time snowshoeing it. I chose a day when we had recently received fresh snow. There were a few icy patches but it was easy to navigate with hiking poles. I enjoyed the view a lot more with the snow covering Sandpoint.

5 months ago

The trail starts out with a creek crossing on an old road. As the trail progresses, so does the brush and top growth. Mid-way through horse riders would have issues. A steep climb. No real “views” along the way.

5 months ago

Wonderful hike. Definitely doable in a single day. I spent a night there with my pup. Hiked in after sundown on a Friday, got hit with snow overnight, and hiked out on Saturday. Highly suggest staying overnight. Makes it a bit more relaxing and less of a training session. On my list to do again and again.

My family and I have been to The Roman Lakes many times. The trails to the lakes are easy to hike to. The Upper Lake is definitely worth the hike, even to the far end and further up the mountain for a higher view. We have camped at the camp sites (3 sites + group site) no camp trailers allowed. Forestry rules state that you can pitch your tent 14 days at a time., even if it’s to hold your spot for a weekend. Fishing is not the best, but there’s easy access to the main lake for Kayaking. It’s a phenomenal place to watch meteor showers!

Awesome!! Cold but was amazing.

Hiked with my mom a couple weeks ago. She is 64 and in fantastic shape. It is more of a moderate-hard trail. Towards the top lots of large root steps and then long rocks to climb up. Little snow at the top was no problem. Great hike but minimal views due to thick trees. Overall for people who hike a lot, we agreed it’s more on the “hard” side.

5 months ago

A great destination for an overnight trip.

5 months ago

October - Mid Fall

Roman Nose Lakes showcases what the Selkirk mountains have to offer but with easy access for those that aren’t prepared for more adventurous back country exploring.

Being able to drive directly to the lowest of lakes without any hiking is what makes this location popular. The first lake is also arguably the more beautiful (although I did not visit the middle lake). The other lakes are also within a few miles hiking distance, and it is fairly easy hiking to get to them.

If you’ve been to any other lakes in the Selkirks, you’ll know what to expect. Green and emerald lakes, with granite mountain backdrops.

I would advise caution if following the GPS coordinates provided by AllTrails. While they do lead directly to the trailhead, When coming from the south, mapping software might route you on heavily unmaintained roads. The main entrance to the lake seems to be Snow Creek Road.

Parking is large enough to fit several cars, and there is also a campground for those that want to spend the weekend there.

5 months ago

Great hike and fantastic views at several points, especially the top. Plan for 3.5-4hrs at a moderate pace with break at top.

5 months ago

Gorgeous fall colors, views of the lake and peaceful miles.

6 months ago

Been eyeing this rock from Priest Lake every year I go camping with my family. Took 26 years of me living to finally go and do it and it was well worth it. Breathe taking views! We hiked up to the north side of Chimney Rock and the south side as well. Would recommend getting to the top of both sides so you can get the views from each.
During the summer, this hike would be easiest, but since we did it when there was a little snow in the higher elevations, it became a little harder with having to get over all the boulders with snow on them. I would definitely not recommend bringing young children on this hike if you are going to be going all the way up, as there are considerably large boulders to get over and also steep ridges to get to the top.
Overall this hike kicked mine and my dads (60 years old) butts, but would do it again.

Nice easy trail thru the woods. It is muddy early spring, but great later in the season. Plenty of wildlife signs. Watch out for bear and moose in this area.

6 months ago

We did a group hike on a beautiful day. The views go on forever and the alpine lakes were gorgeous. Tail was easy to moderate and easy to follow.

Loved this trail and felt the only challenging part was crossing the mountainside boulder fields on the way up to Ball Lake. We saw wolf tracks near each of these alpine lakes. The only down side was the last few miles on the drive up. Road was pretty rocky and rutted.

This was my first mountain trail. I probably bit off a little more than I should have as a novice, but I made it. It’s such a beautiful place and I highly recommend. I would think this should be listed as hard though. There are a lot of loose rocks and the trail was pretty hard, even some areas where you have to climb over some boulders. There’s a great view about a half mile down from the top, and the rest of the trail is pretty difficult. The lake at the top is really beautiful, just nestled in the mountain! Overall a great time and a worthwhile challenge.

6 months ago

Great hike. Amazing views. Bit of snow up top.

we were heading for Roman Nose from CDA and decided we need to start earlier so we headed here. Roman Nose Next!

Great hike! lottsa great views and ever changing trail environments. will do again for sure!

on Harrison Lake Trail

6 months ago

Slice of heaven.

Gorgeous fall colors right now. Trail is in good condition.

6 months ago

Pros: Longer hike for those looking for a challenge, gradual incline, breathtaking rock surrounding the lake
Cons: can be tiring, many spots on upper trail and by lake are un protected, not very many potential campsites
I did an overnight trip here in early Oct 2018. I carried a full backpacking load up the (7 miles) trail to the lake. I did pretty well pace wise until the last 1.5 miles or so, when the incline increased a bit and the altitude became more of a factor. That being said, I was blown away by the scenery, especially the rock formations, surrounding this lake. Definitely in my top 3 for North Idaho alpine lake scenery. The first half of the trail is goes through lush forest, and in the fall, is awash in yellows and reds. As a backpacker, I recognized the scarcity of potential camp sites by the lake, and while I was alone this time, I would attempt to arrive at the lake early in peak season. The lake shore is rather unprotected, and there aren't that many options for gathering deadfall for firewood. At 14 miles round trip, this trail is not for the endurance challenged, though it is achievable with proper pacing. Some of the creeks that you cross on the way up may be dry in Summer, so bring water. Overall, I highly recommend this trail for fit hikers.
At one point the road advises "high clearance vehicles only" , however this is only partially true. A cautious driver could get a van or some similar vehicle to the trailhead, in my opinion

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