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The Kaniksu National Forest is a U.S. National Forest located in northeastern Washington, the Idaho panhandle, and northwestern Montana.

19 hours ago

had a great hike into chimney rock with my dog trail was in great shape and the view amazing first time from the pack river side but won't be the last

19 hours ago

had a great hike into chimney rock with my dog trail was in great shape and the view amazing first time from the pack river side but won't be the last time

1 day ago

2 days ago

Good hike- great for dogs. Love coming here- not busy often- so if you want a quiet hike- this is the one.

on Roman Nose Lakes

4 days ago

Awesome place! The trail is very easy to follow despite missing signage, and I can imagine people getting a little turned-around if they choose to get off the trail to get better views of the scenery. There's a good posted map at the trailhead to snap a picture of for navigation. Trail scenery was beautiful. Its an easy/gentile climb to the upper lake on a well-traveled path.

Saw a couple of whitetail bucks, several marmots, a very curious weasel, and plenty of squirrels.

My magnetic compass did NOT like the area and gave me bad indications. I am new to Northern Idaho, so this may be common local knowledge, I don't know. I actually had cell service on the upper lake but not during the drive west of Naples or for most of the trail.

The fishing was not great. Lots of really small brook trout. By 'small' I mean most are 3 inches. I fished the upper lake and the lake next to the trailhead. It was best in the morning and tapered off during the day.

Huckleberries were abundant and delicious! Some campers and swimmers on the upper lake. Few bugs but some biting flies if you stand still long enough. I've heard there are a lot of cougar sitings at Roman Nose so, as a cautious newb to Northern Idaho I carried bear spray and an airhorn. On a Friday there was just enough people traffic that I wasn't worried about lions and bears. Other hikers had canine hiking companions with them. I think the distance estimates I've read are too long: I hiked casually from the trailhead to the upper lake in 30 minutes.

I came for the fishing but will go back for the hiking, scenery, and wildlife viewing.

7 days ago

Even with the smoke in the air, this was still a beautiful hike. Hopped over the ridge to the north and went down into the northern Beehive Lake, there was a little waterfall there. The only negative about this area, is that it seems a little too popular for my tastes, there were 3 other groups at the lake in the middle of the week. There is a bear box at the lake for food storage.

7 days ago

This was a great lake to hike to. It was not strenuous in any areas but it did provide some good exercise especially with our packs on. Some trail advice that was given to us by another hiker in passing, when you get to the large granite slabs, follow the stacked rocks. When you look up, you will see them as you head towards the lake. The stacks of rocks provide markers for efficient trail routes. We camped out on the West side of the lake which offered seclusion and a view. though this is bear country, we did not encounter any. always be prepared though.

8 days ago

Some of the best views I've seen at the top. Well worth the journey!

I have only been to Pyramid Lake, and I enjoyed the trail to the lake, despite it being on the short side. I would recommend that overnight campers avoid camping on the side of the lake where the stream empties out, as it is semi swampy and we ran into bug problems in our camp. I recommend that people with a proper level of fitness follow the switchback that climbs the mountain above Pyramid lake. The views are impressive, and the rock formations at that level are quite unique. Beware of slick rock and steep drop offs at higher altitude in this area. Looking up from the lake , its obvious the potential danger, as there is massive rockfall from the mountain top to the lake, but it can be deceptive once you start climbing. Also, the access road is on the rocky side, so careful driving would be warranted. Parking is limited at trailhead, so it is highly recommended you try to arrive early in the day, or early on a weekend to avoid potential fines or lack of parking.

This is a great place to go backpacking. We went to upper Ball lake and had the whole lake to ourselves. A lot of smoke down in the valley from wild fires but it was clear and beautiful up at Ball

Nice hike, lots of shade. The view was a little smoky but other than that a great little hike

13 days ago

We added on to this nice lake hike and trekked up to Harrison Peak thats way I give it a five the view down to the lake was awesome but not for the beginner or one that does not like heights :)

Nice hike to an overlook of the lake. The trail is in great shape and well maintained, but there isn't much variety until you get to the overlook.
We enjoyed it, however the last mile or so past the overlook doesn't offer anything interesting, you just turn around and come back down. the total hike was 7.4. It looks like the All Trails distance assumes you turn around at th e overlook

All the lakes up in this area are gorgeous. Trail is a bit short, but great views. Ball Lakes were great for a swim.

16 days ago

Hiked and fished all three lakes 8/1/17. Pretty good trail but missing some directional signage so pay attention. Not much traffic midweek but I hear they've got heavy traffic on weekends. Good fishing. Beautiful lakes. Great place to be.