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The Kaniksu National Forest is a U.S. National Forest located in northeastern Washington, the Idaho panhandle, and northwestern Montana.

The road up is blocked by massive avalanche damage about a half mile from the trail head. Just park and walk up. There are still drifts of snow on parts of the trail. It was packed enough for easy hiking on top of it when we were there.

2 days ago

June - Late Spring/Early Summer

I’ve hiked to a quite a few places in the Selkirk mountains, and Fault Lake definitely provides some of the best to be offered.

The trail itself isn’t too difficult, like others have noted it is a steady incline for the majority of the hike. The last mile to the lake is a little steeper, but not too technical. There are several stream crossings, with the worst being at the trailhead and will require you to get your feet wet, so plan accordingly.

It can get a little difficult to follow the trail as you get closer to the lake, but there are a few cairns to assist in the more questionable areas.

The lake and surrounding area are beautiful even this time of year, but it was a bit colder and there was a lot of snow. The majority of the lake still had ice floating in it. All the snow made finding a campsite difficult, and even the site we did find was still wet on the ground.

We did also encounter a few ticks, but only on our dogs.

All and all a good lake, but I’d recommend maybe waiting until July for some of the snow to melt.

7 days ago

In a sedan, I was able to access the trail with not more than a little trouble on the forest service road on the way in--Harrison would, however, have been quite dicey without some serious snow tires. The trail still has a good bit of snow on it in a number of spots. The only tracks I saw were moose, so I may have been the first hiker on it this spring/summer... or at least in a while. I was able to find and then follow the trail for the first bit, though some of it was completely snow-covered (3 or 4 feet in spots). I went up about 2.25 miles, and after the trail became again completely snow-covered, I could no longer tell where it was at all, so I turned back. This was a disappointment, but I don't know the trail well, and I was alone, so it was a prudent decision.

From what I recall of a previous visit, the lake at the top is a worthy payoff.

14 days ago

Great views over Sandpoint valley and the lake.

my wife and I did the hike during the week, and nobody else up there. easy hike for beginners. we saw lots of deer, heard elk, signs of bears.also it's more like 6 miles there from the Bear Creek trail head.

20 days ago

Tried to do it in late May but the road was blocked by a big tree and big snow patch.

21 days ago

Excellent trail for children. Took my toddler and seven year old. Very nice scenery.

Backpacked in to Navigation campsite. Didn’t see anyone on the way except two dudes at the campsite. Saw lots of bear, elk, wolf sign but didn’t see anything. I would consider this trail a heavily traveled trail and difficulty level easy. We probably saw a few dozen people on our way out in Saturday. Granted it was memorial weekend. Beautiful area though.

25 days ago

Better than my expectations! My suunto watch said 3.4 miles to the top and 2,100 ft of gain. Great views the whole way up. Heavily trafficked. Bring some lunch and enjoy a nice picnic at the top!

25 days ago

Wild flowers are out and it has beautiful views. This hike is a little long and steep for young kids, but there is a nice look out at half way in that was a perfect turn around spot.

Took a group of 7 on this trail before Memorial Day. Awesome hike, tons to see. The water level was really high at Plowboy so we kept going on to navigation trail. One other group was camping there. Nice outhouses and fire pits to use.
There was plenty of bear markings along the trail: fur patches, footprints, scat and a dead moose, but NO bears seen.

Always a great hike spring or late fall in the snow. Trail gets a little lost in the rock towards the top, keep your eyes out for pathway.

26 days ago

Trail is 7 miles round trip per the forest service. It's wildflower season. Stunning!!

26 days ago

Not an easy hike but sure worth it for the views at the end. Lots of pretty wildflowers along the trail

First time hiking this trail since before 2012. Only made it up to the second view point but had a ton of fun

The trail was very popular, today. The parking lot was full between 1 and 3.

Conditions: the streams were rushing but only 3 to 5 feet across. The path was dry throughout. The snow at the top was slippery and prone to foot-cave ins. Other hikers remarked that the snow slowed them down. Poles were marginally helpful, but cleats were not.

There is no lake unless you count Lake Ponderay. This will test your knees on the way back down. The last mile or so still had snow and make things a little dicey. The mosquitos were relentless. Wear a bug net. There were some nice little water streams along the way. View was nice.

My GPS measured 3.6 miles to the second view point (with the two benches). The trail map shows 2.8 miles to this location. If my GPS is accurate, then this is a 7.2,mile hike. The steepest grades are in the first mile up. All the blow downs are cleared. There was no snow on the trail. About one-half mile from the top there are several muddy areas from snow melt that can be slippery.

Love this hike. We did it yesterday. Ran into some snow and mud a little ways from the top but think it added to the adventure. The view was well worth it!

Great hike. Lots of snow still in April. Needed snow shoes at about 800 ft from the top. Great views.

2 months ago

My fiancé and I hiked this trail yesterday and we loved it. Even though we hit snow halfway up the mountain the view from the summit was well worth it and the dogs had a blast too!

on Mickinnick Trail

3 months ago

Great hiking trail through the woods with streams and lots of snow at about a mile in right now. Didn't use microspikes or snowshoes as the snow was wet and packed down most of the way up. Last mile had us post-holing a bit up to our knees in areas. Great views.

on Gold Hill North Trail

4 months ago

Great snowshoeing trail after you get past all the fallen trees for the first 1/2 mile or so, hard packed snow till the last mile up and deep wet snow the rest of the way up. Beautiful view at the top.

This was a really beautiful hike. We were the first to put tracks in the fresh snow which was neat. We hiked in snow boots with no issue, no other gear was needed. Definitely suggest hiking in layers!

6 months ago

Great trail! My second time here. Would’ve been nice to have a pair of yak tracks for the bottom half as it was slushy and pretty slippery, and a set of snowshoes for the top. Over a foot of snow once you hit the second mile! Great trail for dogs since they can be off leash once you hit public land. Lots of fresh deer tracks!

6 months ago

This hike is a great one. A few switchbacks, but fairly moderate incline overall. There were some downed trees to climb over on the way up, but other than that the trail is clear. Beautiful view from the top. Worth adding to your list of trails. Also, seemed like a great mountain bike trail beyond having to lift your bike over the few trees crossing the trail.

This is a nice leg stretcher. Despite the rain, I decided to hike it on Thanksgiving Day. Most of the trail consists of mellow switchbacks, leading through pine forest. There are few vistas beside the pine forest, for most of the hike. Towards the end, there are some splendid views of the lake and Sandpoint, Idaho below.

I got soaked in the rain, and it was totally worth it.

Love this area! Great place to camp and beautiful to hike around!

Very nice trail. Switchbacks ease the elevation gain. Excellent viewpoints 2.8 and 3.0 mi up with the latter having benches for snacking and taking in the vista. The trail ends at a forest road 3.5 mi up. Popular with mountain bikers. Larches very colorful Oct 30.

7 months ago

Hiked to the lake with the Boy Scout Troop for a quick 1 day/1 night trip. We had anticipated having some spotty snow on the ground at the lakes, and hoped to do some rock climbing practice in the area. However, we hit the snow line less than 1/2 mile into the hike and were looking at 8-10 inches by the time we reached the lakes. The biggest surprise was that the lake was quite solidly frozen over already.
We had to break trail through the snow on the way up, but we found it pretty easy to follow the route. Plenty of bridges over the marshy areas and orange ribbons showed the way. The temperature ranged from the upper 20s to the upper 50s while we were out, so the snow was soft and wet during the daylight hours, and frozen over during the night. Majestic views of the mountains and beautiful landscape made this a worthwhile outing.

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