I absolutely loved this trail! it was gorgeous the whole way and not too steep. Still a good work out with a steady incline! I was afraid there would be snakes because of the tall grass, but I didn't see any.

Excellent hike, very few people on the trail. Single track trail, but this is ped only (no bikes). Views were great, cool boulder piles, trickle of water in the creek below. Perfect weather in late October.

1 month ago

Beautiful autumnal colors! The stream isn't there now, but a small waterfall emerges from the boulders at the top of the loop. GPS took me to the 8th street parking...look for signs saying Hulls Gulch National Recreation Trail.. it's a footpath only (#0). Easy inclines, especially if you do the loop counter clockwise (go to the right). Not much shade so bring lots of water, especially for the doggies (no stream right now)... Trail is marked well, maintained well. Sometimes you'll hear the ATVs on the nearby trail (bummer) but only toward the top.

2 months ago

Relaxing trail, especially on Mondays. Few people with friendly dogs.

Great trail, easy to follow. Not too much steep incline or decline, so the length isn’t so bad. Took us about 3 hours including a couple pauses and a stop to eat. We saw lots of flowers, and many interesting critters (mostly of the bug variety, but also some lizards, small mammals, and a couple of snakes, including a rattler). Most of the trail is along a burbling brook, which is very pleasant sounding, though it’s fairly covered in vegetation, so you don’t see much of the water. When you get to the loop, going right will avoid a steep incline, go left if you’d rather do more incline and avoid a steep decline.

Fun easy hike.

It is a beautiful trail and best if you start early. There are wonderful flowers blooming all the way and the sound of flowing water makes it relaxing as well as fun. The lower hulls gulch Is very easy hike and to make it a bit fun you can hike up to the top of 8th street trail.

Super fun loop. You forget where you are. Start at parking lot and get 11 miles total.

Easy hike along a stream, very little shade so would recommend eary morning to beat the heat.

Very cool hike!

There were a some wild flowers near the trail, a few colorful songbirds, a couple small lizards, and even a distant coyote. Walking near the stream was nice and the view from the top was worth the 6.3 miles. If you stay to the right when you get to the loop it's a more gradual incline going up and you can come down on the steeper section.

Beautiful green foothills alongside the creek which added a great sound. The incline to start the loop was a fantastic workout.

Nice and easy. Shade areas with streams for dogs.

love this trail took creastline back and got lost but what an amazing trail.

Loved it.

Great hike too many bikes.

Happened upon this trail and hopped out to give it a try. Very nice, heard lots of meadowlarks. Pretty spot.

This was a lovely hike next to a mountian creek. We saw some wildlife and lots of other hikers. Watch out for bicyclists, most of the time we didn't have to worry but be cautious around corners and blind spots.

Great hike with amazing views! Some muddy spots, but do-able with boots.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

A well marked trail with gentle elevation changes that highlights the local environment. It would be a great trail run but I did this as a hike. There were some mountain bikers on the trail but everyone was friendly and respectful

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Beautiful fall day, temp about 65 or so, leaves changing in the gulch bottom. Well marked, moderate trail in my book, but my first hike in the Boise area, so well worth it as an afternoon hike - relatively easy pace, 2.5 hours.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

This is the first trail in Boise that I’ve ever hiked. I just started hiking recently and I really enjoyed this trail. It has beautiful views of Boise and nice well-maintained trails with good markers and interesting ‘tidbits of information along the way. I don’t believe the ranking is correct as in my opinion it’s not a real hard trail. I would rate it more of a Moderate trail because of the narrowness of the trail the closeness to steep slopes on one side. The only trail I have to compare it with is a trail I did in Colorado Springs (Brodgett Peak) that was a much steeper and had navigate a lot of rock and gravel on the trail. That trail was rated a hard trail on this site.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Great trail and views. Not too busy and enjoyable.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

It's a fun trail with a blend of desert and valley scenery. We didn't see a single waterfall along this route or really any running water. There's no reason to classify this trail as hard whatsoever. There are no significant inclines, far less steep than table rock, and the mileage is really not that challenging. The trail is actually fairly well maintained and has many informational postings along the way. It seems like a decent birding trail as there are a fair number of smaller birds. I'd do it again, it's better than most of the desert trails.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Great views and a fun hike. Six bridges to cross.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Such a relaxing trail!

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Such an awesome, beautiful hike. Lots of informative landmarks. Tons of wildlife. As a novice hiker I found this trail to be one of the easier in the Valley, but there are some steep dropoffs. Not recommended for kids or pets. Mormon crickets have taken over the foothills

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Great challenge. Pretty moderate but the sun adds to its difficulty. I'd say that the loop potion is where it gets its "hard" rating as well as its overall length.

Also I didn't see any lake or waterfall as mentioned in the description. But I did not do the lower Trail.

A solid hike with a lot of potential for length. My first impression was something along the line of every boring desert trail in Idaho but if you take the hardman section it gets mildly interesting. The views in that little valley are worth the hike and it contains some decent inclines. I'd do it again for sure. There are some bird varieties in the little valley including what I believe was a western tanager. Unusual to see them on desert trails but they seem to be here.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

So far, the upper hulls gulch with the extra two mile loop equaling the 6.3 is by far my favorite trail yet. I would not bring children on this trail. There is poison ivy/oak, some very narrow trail areas with quick drop offs. I also would not bring a dog on this trail because of the poison ivy/oak.
Bring a camera. This trail is beautiful in both may and June. If you want to be up there on your own, Go in the early afternoon on a week day. Do NOT go on a weekend if lots of people bug you. This trail is for pedestrians only. But on the weekends you will hear atv's and such on the other trail for the first mile or so. Enjoy, it is truly worth it. We loved it and got a ton of great photos. Bring a picnic. On the extra loop you will find 1 perfect area for a picnic.

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