Seems like a pretty casual hike, lower incline, and not too long. I'm not sure why it's rated as "hard". At the top I took 8th street extension up to Hulls Ridge and took that to the top, which doubled the vertical and length of the hike, so that could be an option for anyone feeling underwhelmed at the top.

This has become my favorite trail. It's more challenging if you go left at the loop up the steep hill. Going right at the loop is a more gradual climb. So beautiful and lots of friendly hikers. Great trail to bring a dog!

Tried to follow the loop people took for the 6.3 miles but must have been wrong. Hiked 7 miles and no loop. Very awesome hike though!

Be aware that there is poison oak growing very close to the trail near the water. It is such a beautiful hike other than that.

Great hike. Nice riperion experience. Not that difficult.

Beautiful first part of May with flowing creek, tons of wildflowers and awesome views of Boise in the distance

trail running
1 month ago

Pretty, very short but nice and leisurely.

mountain biking
2 months ago

2 months ago

Was not a hard hike. Very nice views. Really wanted something harder.

Decent trail but I was hoping for a difficult hike and got a very easy one.

7 months ago

Such a beautiful, easy hike. The view is absolutely gorgeous. I would definitely do this again.